You can now earn money with our affiliate program. Simply register as an affiliate and start sharing your personalised links! post them on social media, email them to friends or add them to your blog or website. For every sale through your link(s) you will get 5% of the artwork sold.


Our affiliate program is hosted by Simple Affiliate.

Step 1: Sign up to our affiliate program here.

Step 2 : Wait for your approval to come through.

Step 3 : You can now login to your own dashboard to create your own links and monitor sales through your links and see your commission earned. Login here.

Step 4 : Create your own links through the link generator on the dashboard. Type in the first word of a product (artist first name). Select the product you wish to share. Your own personal link is now created!

Step 5 : Share the link(s) with your friends through emails and social media. Include the links in a blog or your website. Every successful sale made through your link you'll receive 5% of the artwork price! A small thank you from us for supporting Hong Kong artists.