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Like any art gallery or organisation we are a curated platform. All applications are carefully reviewed and we look for artists who we think would be a good fit for our platform. Below are a few frequently asked questions we receive to help you through the application process.

How much does it cost to join the Hong Kong Arts Collective?

Joining the Hong Kong Arts Collective is completely free! We want to show the best of Hong Kong art and the incredible artists from our home city. 

Why does the application ask if I live in Hong Kong?

We work with artists who ordinarily reside in Hong Kong. A lot of our exhibitions and events require for artists to deliver artwork in person and can be quite short notice. We believe in supporting artists in Hong Kong so currently living in the city is a requirement.

I am an artist currently represented exclusively by another gallery. Can I still join?

Absolutely. We currently list a number of artists with exclusivity with other galleries. We are happy to share your work and your journey (yes, for free). If your work is exclusively with another gallery we simply won't set up a shop section for you. In general though we can work within your parameters and are happy to discuss ways we can improve our platform to suit your needs.

I'm a new artist. Does it matter if I have no previous exhibitions?

Having a few exhibitions in your artist CV can help with your application and allows us to know a bit more about your work. It also demonstrates that you are serious about exhibiting and have taken the first steps. Having previous exhibitions can help with your application but is not necessary depending on the rest of your portfolio / application. There are free venues in the city  such as cafes and bars where you can exhibit your work which can be great place to start building up your experience. 

How are artists selected?

All applications are carefully considered and reviewed by an anonymous selection panel. This allows us to have a spread of opinions and allows for a fair process outside the control of any one individual. 

Is it better to link to a website or to a instagram account?

We prefer applications that link to a website as we can find more information about you and your artwork. We appreciate though that not every artist has a website so if you decide to link to a instagram page please consider the look and curation of your instagram feed. For example, if your instagram feed has a collection of vastly different work and themes in different mediums combined with photos of what you had for lunch it can be difficult to understand who you are as an artist.

I applied but haven't heard back. Why is this?

We receive many emails and applications and unfortunately can't reply to everyone. If you don't hear back from us after a few weeks then unfortunately your application hasn't been accepted at this time. 

Why was my application not accepted and what can I do?

Just like any art gallery or art organisation we are a curated platform so we unfortunately do not accept everyone and look for artists and artworks that are a good fit with what we currently represent . You can try to apply again (see question below) or apply to another local gallery or organisation in Hong Kong that may be a better fit for you such as Parasite, Young Soy Gallery or Gallery Exit to name a few.

I want to apply again. What can I do to improve my application?

Typically we look for a consistant body of work in both style, medium and idea. A body of work is typically about 8 - 12 artworks. Imagine if you were to do a solo exhibition. What would it be about and how would it look? This is the work we look for. Sometimes confusing instagram feeds and websites can confuse us so try to curate your work to best reflect the type of artist you are. Consider what your art is about. A compelling story and theory around your work can really help. A list of previous exhibitions and clients can also help us know more about your journey as an artist and can help in the process. Also think about how your work stands out and what makes you easily identifiable. These are a few key points that can impact your applications success. Taking the first step to host your own exhibition at a free venue can be a great way to hone your creative talent and curate your style and work while also adding to your exhibition experience.

I want to join to exhibit at Affordable Art Fair. How can I do this?

We carefully curate the Affordable Art Fair and invite artists from our collective who we think are a good fit and are at a suitable stage in their career. Due to limited space and a large number of artists, exhibiting with us at the Affordable Art Fair is strictly invite only.

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