​During his art foundation degree at Kingston is where Alex pushed his drawing styles further and developed his own style of one line drawings and this came through in his street art later. Alex pushed the drawing technique to the point where he created a style that generated different feelings and expressions in the faces of the characters. This technique is a one-line technique where you don’t take the pen off the paper and commit to completing all the lines needed to create a face or image.

After finishing his foundation year with a photographic exhibition of the London underground confused as to what direction to  follow he decided to take a break for a year and work in HK. During this time he realised that he wanted to study photography as a way of documenting his street art and other art in the future. After starting his BA in Fine Art and Photography Alex was highly inspired by his teacher Vince Wade who straight off the bat gave them a project simply called Ways Of Seeing that had a big impact on Alex’s work. In his final year is where he went full circle back to the graffiti and street art he always loved merging fine art photography and stencil street art together making a PHOTOGRAFF.

After completing his degree in London Alex moved back to his home Hong Kong inspired and started putting some work up in the street. Living as a Artist Alex can work closely with companies to create design work and execute painting works needed for companies based of their ideas but always having his own spin on the subject or idea. Alex has a passion using spray paint and stencils to create his works with and has a eye for composition.

Alex never used Instagram in the past but In recent years Alex’s painting for Goods Of Desire life style brand on Graham Street central Hong Kong has attracted tourists from all over the world and in recent months it has been coined The ‘Instagram Wall’ as its become Hong Kong's most photographed wall ! Over time Alex has continued to create street art and push his skills further and also has become a experienced interior decorator by trade doing Murals and Special Finishes .


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