Eleanor McColl is a multi-disciplinary artist, based in Hong Kong. She studied Fine Art at U.W.E Bristol, in England and came to Hong Kong in 1999 to pursue her career as an artist and art educator.

McColl's work is rooted in place with a focus on the urban environment.   Her work draws the eye to the often unnoticed details of the city, casting the "shadows on the wall" of the modern human condition: often solitary, hardworking and hardwearing.  Through manipulation of focus, her work explores the delicate points of contact in the otherwise ceaseless blur of the everyday anonymous citizen.

Drawn to the dramatic palate of dilapidation, refurbishment and renewal, her cityscapes explore the interface between Hong Kong's unique verticality and it's impact on its people. 

“I am interested in capturing those small but arresting details which catch my eye as walk through the city. It could be a flash of colour from a dangling piece of washing, or a mop resting against a rusty peeling door.
I find the contrast of blurring and sharp focus fascinating, so I typically use soft-focus techniques which obscure the surrounding scene to reveal pockets of fine detail".


2018 - Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

2017 - Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

2016 - Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

2016 - 'The Zodiac Show' Jaarbar, Soho Hong Kong

2015 - 'Rhythm', The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Hong Kong

2015 - New York Affordable Art Fair, Van Rensburg Galleries

2015 - 'Patterns of Living', Picture This Gallery Hong Kong

2015 - Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

2015 - ‘Ninth Floor’, Vernissage, Van Rensburg Galleries

2014 - ‘New Look’, Picture This Gallery Hong Kong

2014 - Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

2013 - Singapore Affordable Art Fair

2013 - Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

2012 - Singapore Affordable Art Fair

2012 - ‘The Summer Show’, Picture This Gallery, Hong Kong

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Photo by Daniel Murray Studio

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