Sai’s current interests are creating abstract, textured works with mixed materials and a variety of tools, and hand-drawn pictures of women holding binoculars to explore visibility and gaze. She has sold her work to private collectors in multiple countries.

Sai believes art is born of an intent to examine and communicate. Perhaps it is also born of “excess...great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities” as Anaïs Nin wrote. Sai is interested in understanding how cultures and systems of oppression come to be, how we deal with them from various levels of power, how that relates to our history, our fast-changing natural environment, our contemporary psychology, aesthetic sensibility, and our social structures and institutions. Her art is a response to those observations and experiences.

“For there are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt — of examining what those ideas feel like,” wrote Audre Lorde, pointing to the universal pursuit of examining life and its struggles that all artists participate in. That is why you might see a quote or two associated with pieces in Sai’s current body of abstract works, in particular, because those words from artists, writers, poets, and others she has found solidarity with, remark sharply on something she feels compelled to express through her own sensibility. The expression is original, but the contemplation is often part of a timeless, shared pursuit - a connection which Sai finds joy and belonging in.

Sai has lived in India, various parts of the US and the UK, and has called Hong Kong home since 2010. She holds a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University, and an LLM in International Law from the University of Edinburgh, has studied interior design and creative writing, and worked with some contemporary corporate giants. She speaks a few languages. She is the founder of BOLSTR. She writes opinions for media at times. She channels her love for design through a project called The Particular Rover focused on curating hotel and travel design.


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