Sarah Tse is a Hong Kong mixed media artist, whose work has addressed the theme of isolation, captivity and nature. She graduated at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London in 2009. Between 2010-2017, Sarah was living in New York painting and exhibiting, as well as enhancing her etching and lithography practice. Sarah developed a unique visual language with pencil and watercolour on an unconventional surface of paper and wood. Her fantasy-themed drawings are paradoxes inspired by childhood memories, travels and dreams, producing a fragile, nostalgic, timeless and sometimes disturbing ambience. In 2017, Sarah moved to Shanghai to open her dream art cafe. She now shuttles between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Sarah has had over a hundred solo and group exhibitions in cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, etc. Sarah’s artworks are in permanent collection at the V&A Museum in London.



ART3F LUXEMBOURG – International Contemporary Art Fair, 16-18 Sep 2022, LUXEXPO, Luxembourg

Affordable Art Fair, 4-7 Aug 2022, HKCEE, Hong Kong

「關係」, 21 Jan – 28 Feb 2022, MUSEu&m, Shanghai, China


50X50 New Born – Fashion Zoo Brand Opening, 1-4 April 2021, HKRI Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, China


The Extraordinary Exhibition, 9-23 Nov 2020, Tai Kwun Hong Kong


Jing Art Beijing, 30 May-2 June 2019, Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

拾夢者Dream Collector (solo), 5 Dec 2019- 5 Jan 2020, 會空間, Beijing, China


Affordable Art Fair, 18-20 May 2018, HKCEE, Hong Kong


Art Next Expo (solo), 6-9 October 2017, PMQ, Hong Kong

Superfine Art Fair, 4-7 May 2017, 459 W 14th St, New York, USA

Affordable Art Fair, 6-9 April 2017, F1 Pit Building, Singapore

Louder Than Words, 28 January-16 February 2017, 121 Varick Street, Tribeca, New York, USA

Art Sanya Beach, 12-15 January 2017, The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort, China


Printfest by IPCNY, 3-5 November 2016, 524 W26th street, Chelsea, New York, USA

2016 ASYAAF, 19 July-14 August 2016, DDF Seoul, South Korea

Tokyo Art Fair, (solo) 13-14 May 2016 Omotesando Hills, Tokyo, Japan

Affordable Art Fair, 12-15 May 2016, HKCEE, Hong Kong

Finding Utopia (curated by Sarah Tse), 22 March – 30 April 2016, Artify Gallery, Hong Kong

Not all Contemporary Art is Rubbish! The Ingram Collection, 2 February-10 April 2016, The Lightbox, Surrey, UK

Discovery and Illusion: Between Art and Fashion, 28 January-28 February, National Academy, New York, USA

Asia Contemporary Art Show, 21-24 January 2016, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore


Affordable Art Fair, 11-13 September, 2015 DDP, Seoul, South Korea

Reverie (Three person show) 20 May–15 July 2015 Artify Gallery, Hong Kong

Creative Mischief, 15-21 May 2015, National Academy Museum , New York, USA

Scope Art Fair, 5-8 March 2015, Metropolitan Pavilion , New York, USA


Asia Contemporary Art Show, 2-5 October 2014, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong

台喃細語 Touching Tainan, 12-31 July 2014, 吳園十八卯茶屋, Tainan Taiwan (artist in residency project and exhibition

collaboration with the Tainan Tourism Department in Taiwan)

Affordable Art Fair, 21-23 March 2014, HKCEC, Hong Kong


Sojourn (Two person Show) 31 October-25 November 2013, Artify Gallery, Hong Kong

Asia Contemporary Art Show, 23-26 May 2013, JW Marriot Hotel, Hong Kong

Spring Benefit, 21 May 2013, White Box, New York, USA


Shanghai and its Talisman (solo) 13-31 December 2012, Office339 Viewing Room, Shanghai, China

The Ingram Collection: Dreams and Nightmares 22 May-15 July 2012 The Lightbox, Surrey, UK

Spring Benefit, 25 April 2012, White Box, New York

Reflection, 23-30 April 2012, The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Hong Kong

The16th Salon Show, 17-19 March 2012, Greenpoint Gallery, New York


Ecstasy and Captivity (solo,) 1-11 September 2011, Linkbridge, Swire Island East, Hong Kong

Young Art Taipei 2011 (solo), 26-29 August 2011, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan

The Ingram Collection: Prints and Printmaking, 19 February – 16 April 2011, The Lightbox, Surrey, UK

London Art Fair 2011, 19-23 January 2011 Business Design Centre, Islington, London, UK


Parallex, 22-27 November 2010, La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, London (Curated by Dr Chris Barlow)

Everything seems; for everything as well as everybody, heretofore all unknown Curios, Stories and Strange Things Told

Solo exhibition tour in Japan 2010, 21 September – 4 October, Nakaochiai Gallery, Tokyo; 3-17 September,

Konya2023 Gallery, Fukuoka; 28-29 August Platform One, Beppu (Curated by Takashi Serizawa and Keith Whittle)

The Pavilion of Realism 23 April – 1 June 2010 Other Gallery, M50 Unit, Shanghai & 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China

(Curated by Raúl Zamudio, Maarten Bertheux and Zhu Qi)


The Sneeze Art Flair, 14-17 December 2009, Westbourne Studios, London, UK

National Open Art Competition, 7-20 November 2009, The Minerva, Chichester Festival Theatre, UK

Affordable Art Fair 22-25 October 2009, Battersea Park, London, UK


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