Laura Pezza is an Italian artist based in Hong Kong since 2018, after living in Belgium, Italy, the United States, Ireland, and Germany. Her art journey started in 2017 when she realised that she wasn't spending enough time doing the thing she loved most: painting. Since then, she has created The Quiet Place Art, taught several painting workshops, and organised two exhibitions in Dublin and one in Hong Kong. For her watercolour illustrations, she finds inspiration in nature, galaxies and the places she travels to. Laura believes in the power of art as a way to connect deeper with oneself, as opposed to the wider audience. In today's hectic world, she is committed to inspiring more and more people to take up art as a way to find calm, build resilience and create their own quiet place.


July 2018: People's Art Exhibition - Dublin (Ireland)
September 2018: People's Art Exhibition - Dublin (Ireland)
August 2019: Winner of the We Are Zanna Cover Magazine Competition
September 2019: Solo Exhibition at Little Creatures - Hong Kong


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