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Meet Pierre Go., the Hong Kong-based artist better known as Kprod. His vibrant, experimental style blends street art ‘Off The Wall’, abstract tattoo or avant garde graphic influences, and a whole lot of creative energy motivated by a need for releasing the stress accumulated the whole day. Pierre’s artistic journey is maybe full of gaps but in the meantime inspiring.

After studying product design and working as project manager in various fields here in Hong Kong for the past 13 years (going form the Toys industry to the construction), he found his true calling in the visual arts. It was the birth of his son almost 9 years ago that reignited his passion for drawing, painting and experimenting with art. Starting with moody, introspective ink work, he soon began infusing his pieces with bold, dynamic colours and mixed media techniques.

Now, Pierre’s work is all about spontaneity, evolution, and giving love. He’s constantly experimenting, never wanting to get stuck in one signature style. Whether it’s freestyle stencilling on trashed canvas or blending ink, charcoal, and paint on canvas, each Kprod creation is a unique expression of his creative spirit. Follow along as Pierre continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in contemporary urban art!


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