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Lauren Cheng


Lauren Cheng is a Hong Kong based artist. Her work focuses on using texture, bold strokes and colors to convey the tranquility and beauty of nature. Her pieces serve to subtly bridge its viewer to the calmness and stillness of their hearts to find beauty in the imperfection and impermanence of human nature. While she spent her childhood in her native Hong Kong, Lauren also spent time in the U.S. and attended school in Boston, New York and Providence. Throughout her childhood, Lauren wrestled with bouts of depression and anxiety, but found healing through creating her work and using art as a way to express her various experiences with Love and human brokenness. Her work is a reminder for others to pause and reflect on the connection with ourselves, others and nature. Lauren holds a B.A. in Visual Arts from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work is part of private collections in several international cities.


2021 Impermanence | Piaget, Hong Kong, HK [On View: Dec 2021-Feb 2022]
2021 Surrender | The Wildlot, Hong Kong, HK


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