Become a curator of the Hong Kong Arts Collective for free. Join now and start curating work you love and earn a commission. Share artwork you love on social media, blogs, emails and websites and get paid 5% of anything sold through your links. If a buyer clicks your link and buys a different artwork (even up to 30 days later) on our site you'll still get paid for creating the sale. Start earning today!



  • Step 1: Simply sign up to our affiliate program.

  • Step 2: Wait for your approval to come through.

  • Step 3 : Once approved you can now log in to your own affiliate dashboard to create your own links and monitor sales and see your commission earned.

  • Step 4 : Create your own links through the link generator on the dashboard. Type in the first word of a product (artist first name). Select the product you wish to share. Your own personal link is now created!

  • Step 5 : Share the link(s) with your friends through emails and social media. Include the links in a blog or your website. Every successful sale made through your link you'll receive 5% of the artwork price.

If you have any questions about our curator membership please don't hesitate to contact us.