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1. Select a artwork you love and continue to checkout

2. Type in your shipping details and delivery method.

3. When you reach payment select " Manual Payment"


Mobile Phone

At this point if browsing HKARTS on a mobile phone please click here

At this point if browsing HKARTS on a desktop please open the payme app on your phone. Once logged in to payme select the QR code reader in the top right of the screen. Scan the Payme code below:


WhatsApp Image 2023-04-14 at 4.53.50 PM.jpeg

5. Type the amount you owe for the artwork and pay through payme.

6. Once payment is complete go back to the HKARTS checkout page and click "continue" under "Billing Address".

7. Review your order and select "Place Order".
8. You're all done! Thank you so much for shopping with the Hong Kong Arts Collective.

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