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Art Exhibitions To See This April In Hong Kong

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We've handpicked some art exhibitions and events to check out this April. Read on to discover more.

HKARTS: A Place We Call Home

HKARTS is back! After a long exhibition hiatus due to covid, we're finally back and so excited for you to check it out. W Hong Kong is proud to present "This Place We Call Home,” a collaboration with The Hong Kong Art Collective, showcasing the works of 10 talented local Hong Kong artists. The exhibition is held at the hotel's LOBBY on 1/F, offering guests and art enthusiasts an opportunity to appreciate the unique perspectives of these artists and their interpretation of what home means to them.

"This Place We Call Home" is a W Hong Kong initiative that promotes and supports local art and culture. The exhibition aims to celebrate the diverse and dynamic artistic community in Hong Kong and to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent.

The 10 featured artists come from a range of backgrounds and artistic disciplines, including painting, photography, digital art, and mixed media. Their works explore the theme of home in a variety of ways, from personal and emotional connections to physical spaces and the city of Hong Kong itself.

When: 30th March - 20th April 2023

Hong Kong Arts Collective W Hotel

Photograph: courtesy W Hotel

W Hotel, 1 Austin Road West Kowloon Station


In the same vein as 2021’s “Bling Dynasty,” which explored contemporary (pre-pandemic) global consumerism by bringing together Chinese and Western culture and artistic styles in provocative visual hybrids, “Space Rich” will again entice viewers by its incorporation of recognizable figures and icons from pop culture and luxury brands in its compositions.

This time, “earthly” icons are juxtaposed against the barren landscape of Mars, in a sort of visual contemplation of what deep space habitation will be like if it is possible, and whether “escape” from reality—into outer space or to virtual reality—is truly possible for those of us inhabiting a world dominated by consumerist urges and social media feeds.

The Stallery invites viewers on a foray into Chang’s imaginative visions of Mars and its futuristic inhabitants’ footprint on it, which, as always in his practice, are at once provocative and playfully enticing

When: 18th March - 4th June 2023

Chang The Stallery Space Rich

Photograph: courtesy The Stallery

The Stallery, G/F 82A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai


riya chandiramani art prints


SHOUT Art Hub and Gallery is proud to present ‘Tranquility’, a duo exhibition of new original artworks by Hungarian artist Dalma Göncz and Australian Vietnamese artist Thanh Lyons. Despite coming from diverse origins, these two female artists both take inspiration from the beauty of nature and employ very different media in a variety of colours and techniques, allowing their materials to spread on the canvas organically, creating an echoing dialogue between their bodies of work. The exhibition will be on view from April 4 to April 24 at SHOUT Gallery IFC Mall, Hong Kong.

When: 4th April 2023 - 24 April 2023

SHOUT Gallery

Image: courtesy SHOUT Gallery

Shop 2033, Podium Level 2, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central,

The Magic Gate: Joint Exhibition of Giulio Malinverni and Anastasiya Parvanova

W.H.Y. Gallery in collaboration with A plus A Gallery is delighted to present “The Magic Gate”, the first two-person show of Italian artist Giulio Malinverni and Bulgarian artist Anastasiya Parvanova. Giulio Malinverni and Anastasiya Parvanova have both studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, and for both painting is the medium to explore the micro and the macro Cosmos. The Magic Gate, symbolizes a portal, to time (present, past and future) and the Gate to the spiritual realms. In their paintings, the vastness of land, sea and the universe becomes the major background. The canvas becomes a wonderland which reveals the artists’ exploration of the personal and collective memory, human relationship and imagination. The exhibition initiates a dialogue of the two artists on their visual manifestations of their minds, dreams, and poetic realms.

When: 31st March - 17th May 2023

The Magic Gate W.H.Y Gallery

Image: courtesy W.H.Y Gallery

G/F - 1/F, 54 Hollywood Road, Central

Fatina Kong Solo Exhibition| Time Comes in Different Colours

Contemporary by Angela Li is honoured to present solo exhibition of Fatina Kong – Time Comes in Different Colours. The artist is inspired by the philosophy of the periodic cycle of life, transforming the emotional connection with nature into delicate brushstrokes. The refining touch of seasons changing, weaving the colours of time that belongs to Hong Kong. The exhibition opening will be held on 16 March, 2023 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and will remain on view until 22 April, 2023. The artist will be present during the opening.

When: 16th March - 22nd April 2023

Contemporary by Angela Li - Fatina Kong

Image: courtesy Contemporary by Angela Li

G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan


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Boundless Group Show

Over the Influence is excited to present a curated group exhibition of established and emerging artists that announces the new location of the Hong Kong gallery. Boundless will unveil a brand new space in Hong Kong at 52 Wyndham Street, Central. The exhibition is on view from 25 March to 6 May 2023.

The eleven artists selected are inspired by their ambition and imagination to create works of art that are limitless in their creative expression. Hyangmok Baik, Vhils, Invader and Mark Whalen lead the discussion while emerging artists like Caris Reid, Ron Chen and Daphne Arthur follow in their pursuit to present their world views in a visual discourse that celebrates a multitude of beliefs and values.

When: 25th March - 6th May 2023

Boundless Group Show - Over The Influence

Image: Courtesy Over The Influence

G/F – 2/F, 52 Wyndham Street, Central,


Karin Weber Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition ‘tri-angles’ curated by Eric Leung, featuring works by Cassandra Lau Po Yan, Chivas Leung and Chonticha Kaiaroonsuth.

In geometry, a three-faced polyhedron cannot exist in a three-dimensional space unless it is a curved surface, hence, a three-faced polyhedron should not exist. However, human perspectives and opinions are erratic and may be distorted. Considering issues from three different angles can create a three-dimensional thinking space. The exhibition hopes to examine the world through the visions of three young female artists and illustrate their unique perspectives on life.

When: 13th April - 13th May 2023

Karin Weber Gallery

Photograph: courtesy Karin Weber Gallery

G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Soho

Kazuyuki Futagawa Solo Exhibition

Whitestone Gallery H Queen’s is honored to present a solo exhibition of Japanese artist Kazuyuki Futagawa in Whitestone’s gallery space in Hong Kong. Futagawa was born in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. When he was in high school, he was determined to become a painter. After he graduated, he studied traditional Japanese painting at Kanazawa College of Art. He then went to Tokyo University of the Arts to do further research on Nihonga (Japanese painting) where he learned the essentials of painting natural landscapes, animals, and plants during which he encountered the art of various famous Japanese painting masters such as Kawai Gyokudō (1873-1957) and was inspired to explore the relationship between human beings and nature through his works.

When: 14th April - 10th May 2023

Whitestone Gallery H Queens

Image: courtesy Whitestone Gallery

7-8/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central

Escape to B-Roll – Solo Exhibition by Stacy Leigh

WOAW Gallery is pleased to present Stacy Leigh’s ESCAPE TO B-ROLL, the New York City–based artist’s exhibition featuring 10 paintings she created this year at WOAW Gallery’s location at 9 Queen’s Road Central, from March 20 to April 19, 2023, which also celebrates the artist’s first showing in Hong Kong.

ESCAPE TO B-ROLL features a series of unplanned, freestyle paintings inspired by the artist’s fantasy of “selling her apartment and moving to a house somewhere with no neighbors.” The exhibition showcases artworks of bright, bold colors with whimsical titles like House full o hoes,Bad bish, and The life of a drone day 8. Each scene in the painting center quaint houses and landscapes of lush greenery, painstakingly created from the artist’s imagination.

The artworks depict a fantastical world created by the artist after an unpleasant experience with her housing board—a “b-roll” of a life she wishes to escape into. The paintings exude a suburban calm, and are littered with potted plants, tiny dogs, and handsome cars. Behind half-drawn shutters, viewers are offered glimpses into the cozy interiors of warmly-lit houses, and on the outside, the neatly-trimmed lawns and isolated cliffs provide the setting for weekend barbecues and picnics on a summer’s day.

When: 20th March 2023 - 19th April 2023

WOAW Gallery Escape to B-Roll

Image: courtesy WOAW Gallery

G/F, 9 Queen's Road Central, Central A complete list of exhibitions can be viewed here.



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