Originally from South Wales, U.K, Richard has been living in Hong Kong since 1996 working as a professional product designer in the toy industry. That all changed during the pandemic, when he suddenly found the need & desire to reinvent himself as an artist with a focus on Hong Kong scenes & subjects.

Moving away from computer based design work, Richard has immersed himself in a variety of traditional hand-drawn media such as watercolour, pens, inks, acrylic and pastels. He practices both location-based ’en Plein air’ painting & urban sketching as well as longer studio works and finds endless inspiration from the intensity of life in the territory.

As Richard says:

“I feel like I have been asleep for a number of years and have suddenly awakened to see, feel and truly appreciate my surroundings for the first time. I love living in Hong Kong and everything about it. I enjoy seeing the vast vistas and the tiny details that make Hong Kong unique, from cityscapes and harbour views, bustling market and street scenes to observing reflections in puddles and slowing drying paint on fire hydrants, I love it all".

He goes on to say:

"I've been told that my style is quite distinctive even though it’s evolving. The words 'perspective' and 'detailed' come up a lot. I suppose that may be from my design background. My art has taught me to open up my senses to my surroundings and to channel my observations. The more I look, the more there is to see".


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