The Hong Kong Arts Collective is a non-profit company working to support local art in Hong Kong. Established by local artists for local artists the Hong Kong Arts Collective’s aim is to act as a stepping stone to nurture both emerging and established artists throughout Hong Kong. We work with over 50 Hong Kong based artists to promote their art. Our aim is to give local artists opportunities to exhibit and encourage aspiring artists to get involved in the local art scene. We take the lowest commission possible to support our artists and feed 100% of the profits back into funding future events and exhibitions.


100% of our profits go to funding future exhibitions and publications. The Hong Kong Arts Collective was created to support and promote local artists. Your support helps us to provide more exhibitions, press and awareness for locally based artists and ultimately enables the local art scene to grow in Hong Kong. Every time you purchase artwork through our shop a small percentage goes towards our exhibition budget (the rest goes to the artist). You can also donate or sponsor us to help keep us running. We are also constantly looking for unoccupied spaces and venues to exhibit. If you have a space and want to work with us please click to read more.


The Hong Kong Arts Collective has been featured heavily in the press for both their events and their continued work with local artists. Our press includes but is not limited to: