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The Hong Kong Arts collective (HKARTS) was established in 2019 by a small group of Hong Kong based artists. We saw a need to nurture the Hong Kong art scene and created HKARTS to support and promote artists in Hong Kong and celebrate the amazing talent coming out of our city. Our website is a resource to discover incredible emerging and contemporary Hong Kong based artists, art, paintings and art prints. At the same time we work tirelessly to discover new opportunities and locations to shine a light on the Hong Kong art scene. We are a constantly expanding community and love what we do.


To bring the Hong Kong arts scene to a global scale
To support and nurture artists living and working in Hong Kong 
To find and create opportunities for artists 
To create a vibrant and inclusive community 


The Hong Kong Arts Collective has been featured heavily in the press for both their events and their continued work with local artists. Our press includes but is not limited to:

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