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Benson Walker Chen


Benson Walker Chan, a Hong Kong-based paper sculptor: “Paper can be pliable and stiff. I have been crafting sculptures based on its nature and my self-developed skills. My creations are mainly composed of paper rods and loops, simply by rolling them by hand. These fragments can be built into different structures — organs, limbs and eventually a complete artwork. Heavily influenced by 90s toy designs, the sculpture has matured into a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. I emphasize more on the pattern and structure design, leaving the works uncolored. Crafting animal creatures with a flair of abstract, I have also worked on characters, human-like creations with stories behind our collective memories and my life.”

With a background in mechanical engineering, the artist continuously explored how sculpture crafting can be integrated into the digital world. Held exhibitions in Bricklane, London, and locally in Sheung Wan and Fortress Hill, he was featured in interviews with City Magazine, Appledaily, FM 903, AndthenHK, ACOO, Metropop, etc. Showcasing local-inspired artworks, he hopes to promote paper rolling art and introduce it as a symbol of Hong Kong culture.


2022 "Made In Paper" Solo Exhibition, Eslite Bookshop, Causeway Bay, HK
2022 "Rolled Paper Art Exhibition" Solo Exhibition, Citywalk 2, HK
2022 "It's All Paper", Solo Exhibition, Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre, HK
2021 "Roll Out" Solo Exhibition, C Dou Cafe, HK
2016 "Unbound" Group Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London, UK


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