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All profits from our store go to funding future exhibitions and events.

Where do HKARTS ship from?

All orders are sent via the Hong Kong Post Office using registered mail. A tracking number is kept for our record and can be requested after purchase by the buyer.

Does HKARTS ship internationally?

Yes we do! We charge a standard flat rate of 250HKD for all international shipping. Orders are sent via the Hong Kong Post office using registered mail. A tracking number can be requested after purchasing. For framed work we charge 2000HKD to cover the cost of packing / crating the artwork and the extra care needed for delivery. We recommend to order work unframed if possible when buying internationally. For further questions please contact us.

How much does shipping cost?

Local delivery is absolutely free. In some cases we may hand deliver (upon request). For international delivery we charge a flat rate of 250HKD. If the work is framed we charge a flat rate of 2000HKD (please read above).

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Please allow 3 - 5 business days for HKARTS to process the order. For local delivery please allow an additional 3 business days for delivery. For international delivery please note orders may take up to 8 weeks due to delays caused by COVID19. 

What are your return policies?

All sales are final. Please make sure to read the product descriptions carefully. If you have any questions please contact us. HKARTS will not assume the cost of reshipping an item that has been sent back as "Return To Sender".