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Terence Choi


Terence Choi is a Hong Kong local artist and illustrator, who specialises in illustrations and creating characters in different styles. He used to work focus on the 3D Trick Art. Client include: K11, Time Square, BMW, Tampo, Cityplaza, ToysRus, San Miguel... He is now seeking for diversified development in illustration, art creation and sculpture. In recent years, he has mostly used black and white Chinese ink and gold leaf as his creative media. Rediscover the breakthrough of personal style.


2008﹣鯉景灣蘇豪東藝術畫廊「想創我個心」畫展 (聯展)
2009﹣荃灣荃新天地「Take a break with art」壁畫展 (聯展)
2009﹣太古坊「橋-ShowOff」插畫聯展 (聯展)
2012﹣ArtiFashion藝術X時裝秀 (聯展)
2017﹣台灣Wrong Gallery「ACTION!!!」插畫 聯展 (聯展)
2018﹣北京「獅薈」聯展 (聯展)
2019﹣門神啤酒廠《黑幻夜 Phantom in the Dark》插畫 聯展(主辦方兼參與)(聯展)
2020﹣「Beautiful land – Thinker Exhibition」 (聯展)
2022﹣「山」The Mountain of Hong Kong -Terence Choi Solo Exhibition (個展)
2022﹣【The Breathing Practice 01:鯤鵬之變 Changes of State】 (聯展)
2023﹣《你在我心張國榮 20年創作展》MTR X《美紙》 (聯展)
2023﹣「叱咤903 THIS THIS展」Part 1 (聯展)
2023﹣《三物 Trinity》- Cordis HK Art in Residence Exhibition (主辦方兼參與) (聯展)


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