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Art Exhibitions To See This November In Hong Kong

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We've handpicked some art exhibitions and events to check out this November. Read on to discover more.

Reality Dropout

Over the Influence Hong Kong is excited to present Reality Dropout, the first solo exhibition of Hong Kong-based artist Little Thunder who is highly acclaimed for her manga-inspired illustrations and artworks. The exhibition showcases a new body of work that articulates a breakthrough approach to her artistic practice that debuts 12 canvas paintings. Little Thunder’s oeuvre is heavily influenced by manga aesthetics where humanity is depicted in a series of magical realist circumstances and interactions. Brightly colored and cartoonish, the images invoke another type of reality where the fantastical, the cognitive, and the visceral all take their own forms to communicate on another plane of existence. “The name of the exhibition Reality Dropout means to withdraw from ‘reality’. It is about seeking the truth and peeling it back layer by layer and realizing the lines between reality and the imagination is only getting blurrier”, the artist said. “Everyday life is absurd. I want to depict womanhood as if nothing is happening, while in fact everything is happening around them. People constantly seek the ‘truth’ beyond absurdity, but then realize it is beyond anyone’s comprehension”.

When: 4th November - 24th December 2022

Over the Influence - reality dropout - little thunder - art - hong kong exhibition

Image: courtesy Over The Influence

Over The Influence, G/F & 1/F, 159 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

(+852) 2617 9829

Szabotage: “Bid Farewell” art exhibition

The SHOUT Art Hub and Gallery of Hong Kong is pleased to present Bid Farewell, a Szabotage solo showcase. The artist’s largest exhibition of works to date, the prolific show displays over 40 original artworks and is Szabotage’s final gift to the city he loves before moving on to new adventures. This unique show offers everyone the chance to bid (farewell) on a Szabotage artwork, with the highest bids winning the artwork. Artworks from his collections True Reflections, Urban Observations, Can Can, Stencil Addiction, Life Got Real, and Return to Sender plus an exclusive selection of 16 new digital artworks will be exhibited and available for auction.

The masterpieces encompass the artist’s love and passion for Hong Kong and its iconic symbols, humour, popular culture, Szabotage’s notorious koi fish, and his infamous stencil language. Szabotage will also host two exclusive stencil workshops during the show, where lucky guests will receive a demonstration and an interactive experience with the opportunity to spray their own stencil language masterpiece. Auction bids will be accepted over the three-week duration of the show, with final bids sealed at 8pm on 23 November at the closing party.

When: 4th November - 25th November 2022

Shout Gallery - A bid farewell - Szabotage - art - hong kong exhibition

Photograph: courtesy Shout Art Gallery

Shop 109 - 112, 1/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessey Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Aethereus: A Language Beyond It's Time

I am Roberta Boffo and I would love to invite you to my final show at my Hong Kong studio before I move my base to Italy this coming November.

After 4 years of working at my Hong Kong art studio, alas, it is time for a change and to return to my roots, my Italian home. It has been a wild ride to say the least, we have gone through so many things, we’ve seen some challenging times and we rocked some memorable events.

The one constant throughout these years has been the undying support and appreciation received for my practice and art. Your enthusiasm and love is so gratifying and it inspires me every day to keep pressing on and push my limits to fulfil this which I consider my life’s purpose, my life’s work and my raison d’etre.

When: 30th October - 13th November 2022

RAH Studio - Aethereus A Language Beyond Its Time - Roberta Boffo- art - hong kong exhibition

Image: courtesy RAH Studio

1/F, 11 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong

(+852) 5131 1559


Exhibiting at Kong Art Space with Young Soy Gallery, Peter Yuill presents his new body of work channelling a manifold of scientific, existential, and spiritual energies manifested within a series of optically beautiful geometrical forms, made using pen and paper.

Originally from Canada, Yuill derives emotion and spiritual energy from the act of meticulously hand drawing each circular form that are reminiscent of wavelengths. “Where lines intersect is where the magic happens,” says Yuill.

Echoes is set to open 7PM on Nov. 17th with light refreshments at Kong Art Space on Staunton Road in SoHo.

When: 17th November - 5th December 2022

Young Soy - echoes - Peter Yuill - art - hong kong exhibition

Image: courtesy Young Soy Gallery

Kong, G/F, 3 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong

(+852) 6079 4775

Chop Suey 2008 - 2022

JPS Gallery is proud to present Wilson Shieh's “Chop Suey 2008-2022”. Wilson Shieh’s unparalleled artisanal skills and ability to modernise the quintessence of traditional Chinese art makes him one of the most prominent artists in Hong Kong. Bringing together works from 2008 to 2022, this exhibition will provide an overview of Shieh’s evolution as an artist while he expands his practice by working with different mediums and integrating contemporary imagery inspired by Hong Kong’s local pop culture into his works.

“Chop Suey” refers to a dish in American Chinese cuisine consisting of meat, egg and vegetables stir-fried in corn-starch-thickened sauce. The diversity of ingredients in this dish manifests this exhibition’s central theme, a visual testimony of all the phases and salient moments of Shieh’s artistic evolution over the past fourteen years. He began practising gongbi in 1992 and has since become widely recognised for using this traditional fine-brush technique to paint contemporary figurative imageries. And in 2008, Shieh started to expand his practice by utilising various mediums. Ranging from pencil drawings, digital print collages, oil and acrylic on canvas, the presented works continue to illustrate contemporary scenes in his signature style, allowing viewers to witness Hong Kong’s cultural background morph over time through the artist’s practice.

When: 28th October - 27th November 2022

JPS Gallery - Chop Suey - Wilson Shieh - art - hong kong exhibition

Image: courtesy JPS Gallery

Shops 218-219, 2/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central

(+852) 2682 6216


Gender & Space

Gender equality is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. How far have we come in the quest for gender equality in our city? Can the past illuminate the present and provide insight into a better future?

Gender & Space adopts a gender lens to revisit the history of our heritage site over its first hundred years from 1841 to 1941. It seeks to redress the underrepresentation of women in the gendered spaces of the Central Police Station compound by sharing the stories and experiences of those often overlooked to fill a gap in its history.

This exhibition further explores the experiences of several different women in a society undergoing rapid change. It includes those who were unfree, powerless, and endured gender inequality, as well as those who sought avenues of change. The exhibition seeks to show that gender identity is complex, multilayered, and ever-changing.

Acknowledging the multidimensional nature of gender and the limitations of the binary system, we may ask why gender norms have continued throughout history to shape social consciousness, even to today.

This exhibition invites reflection on how every individual has the power to bring positive change and help build an equal and inclusive society.

When: 5th November - 15th January 2022

Tai Kwun - Gender & Space - art - hong kong exhibition

Photograph: courtesy Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central

The Sensitive Body

Gallery EXIT is pleased to present Lulu Ngie’s latest solo exhibition ‘The Sensitive Body’. This is Ngie’s first solo exhibition since 2019, showcasing the artist's old and new oil and ink works on the body as a vessel for emotions and sensibilities, manifesting the various states of inward meditation and outward experience.

Quoted from the artist’s own statement about her creative process and exhibited works: ​​‘I always wonder how much I know about this body which I have been using for decades: Other than having different allergic reactions to certain drugs, foods, and substances at different points of my life, whenever I encounter certain situations that elicit emotions, my body also becomes allergic!

My emotions seem to be recorded somewhere in the body; an allergy attack happens whenever certain situations come up. And the most annoying thing of all is not being able to locate the source of the allergens!

I cannot be reconciled to the pains and discomforts caused by these involuntary physiological reactions, and to regain control over my own body, I have to find out their source. In addition to seeking medical help and undergoing treatments, I am more interested in looking for ways of self-healing, to learn to interpret the signals sent out by the body.

When: 29th October - 26th November 2022

Gallery Exit - Lulu Ngie - art - hong kong exhibition

Photograph: courtesy Gallery Exit

Gallery Exit, 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen

(+852) 2541 1299

Hot Conrete: LA to HK

K11 MUSEA is pleased to present Hot Concrete: LA to HK, the first major group presentation of Los Angeles-based artists in Hong Kong, running from Friday, 21 October through to Sunday,13 November 2022. Sponsored and supported by UBS AG, H.Moser & Cie and Ruinart; the exhibition is curated by Sow & Tailor (Los Angeles), presented by K11 MUSEA (Hong Kong) and WOAW Gallery (Hong Kong); and co-organized by Ouyang Art Consulting (Los Angeles). Hot Concrete: LA to HK is the second iteration of Sow & Tailor’s inaugural exhibition from 2021 with an expanded selection of thirty artists and over fifty-five artworks. As an epicenter for creativity not only in Asia, but also internationally, Hong Kong enthusiastically welcomes the explosive creativity of Los Angeles and the breadth and rigor of its multidisciplinary and multi generational artists.

When: 20th October - 13th November 2022

WOAW gallery - Hot Concrete - art - hong kong exhibition

Image: courtesy WOAW Gallery

6/F, K11 Musea, 11 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

(+852) 2965 2799

Glimmer Shrine

A shrine is a place where people come to worship because it is connected with a religious/non-religious person or event. It often contains idols, relics, or objects associated with the figure being venerated. In contemporary practice, when the physical form of shrine shifts, it becomes an idealistic sanctuary to hold their domestic world. At the same time, how people look at the shrine is similar to how these artists look at their works – cautiously, quietly, and sensibly – through an inward lens. Similar to the structure of inner development and self-dialogue. As Simone de Beauvoir said, one is not born a woman but becomes one. This exhibition explores the ambiguity of females before, during, and, more importantly, after the complex duration of shaping.

Shrine serves as a warm bed, gentle yet firmly carrying their world. These female artists, with gifted instincts, captured the vulnerable connection of tangible emotions through visual language.

The show features five female artists, followed by Alina Birkner, Gretta Louw, Jialin Ren, Super Future Kid, and Yuchu Gao that deliver the theme with the following questions:

"What formed me?"

"What is our nostalgia? Where is the common ground?"

"I built this domestic world inside my mind; why can the world only take a peek at it?"

"Why do I talk to myself? What is on my mind when I look at myself?"

"Why do I keep coming back into these objects? What is latching me?"

"What is play? Why do we play while we create?"

When: 3rd November - 10th December 2022

Tang Contemporay - Glimmer Shrine - art - hong kong exhibition

Image: courtesy Tang Contemporary

Tang Contemporary, 10/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Central (+852) 2682 8289


In Dialogue With Nature

Galerie Koo is delighted to announce a solo exhibition “In Dialogue with Nature” by Hong Kong artist Brenda Hong. Only by abandoning the idea of the supremacy of all things and by living in reverence with nature can one realise that we humans are insignificant in the face of the great creator of nature, and only then can we truly be in dialogue with nature on an equal footing and accept all the bounties that nature bestows on us.

Brenda Hong’s landscapes are odes to nature, where her inspiration is derived from the awareness of nature and life. She believed we ought to rely on the observation and understanding of life to discover living sensory entities before internally transforming them into subjective emotions, which are expressed as unique forms and substances on paper through ink and colour.

When: 5th November - 30th November 2022