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Art Exhibitions To See This October In Hong Kong

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We've handpicked some art exhibitions and events to check out this October. Read on to discover more.

Art Hiro: The Quiet Place

The Hong Kong Arts Collective in collaboration with Musubi Hiro is proud to present Art Hiro: The Quiet Place. Laura Pezza is an Italian artist based in Hong Kong since 2018, after living in Belgium, Italy, the United States, Ireland, and Germany. Her art journey started in 2017 when she realised that she wasn't spending enough time doing the thing she loved most: painting. Since then, she has created The Quiet Place Art, taught several painting workshops, and organised two exhibitions in Dublin and one in Hong Kong. For her watercolour illustrations, she finds inspiration in nature, galaxies and the places she travels to. Laura believes in the power of art as a way to connect deeper with oneself, as opposed to the wider audience. In today's hectic world, she is committed to inspiring more and more people to take up art as a way to find calm, build resilience and create their own quiet place.

When: 12th October - 7th November 2022

Musubi Hiro - Art Hiro Ar Zhai - artist - hong kong

Image: courtesy The Hong Kong Arts Collective

Musubi Hiro, G/F, 37 Cochrane Street, Central

(+852) 5597 6911

Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022

Digital Art Fair is bringing its Xperience show to Hong Kong in October 2022. The show is set to transform the 20,000 sq. ft. Central venue into an engaging and interactive high-tech Web 3.0 art experience. Featuring works by the world’s leading Chinese contemporary pop artist, Jacky Tsai, and showcasing renowned digital artwork from international galleries. Digital Art Fair Xperience is creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the new generation of art lovers.

When: 20th October - 6th November 2022

Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 - art exhibition - hong kong - art

Photograph: courtesy Digital Art Fair

G/F & 1/F, Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Tickets available online:


Behind Your Eyelid - Pipilotti Rist

A major new exhibition by the internationally renowned Swiss media artist Pipilotti Rist lands in Hong Kong in Summer 2022, taking over all Tai Kwun Contemporary galleries and beyond. Rist’s signature moving image installations—highly immersive, deeply sensual, and remarkably insightful—wrap visitors with a virtual hug of sounds, colours, and moving images. Visitors can walk and sprawl within her mesmerising installations, which prompt meditative introspection along with joy and exhilaration, opening up explorations of the body and the image, of exterior environments and interior mindscapes. This high-profile exhibition offers major works from Pipilotti Rist’s oeuvre along with newly produced site-specific works for Tai Kwun,in the galleries, on the Prison Yard and elsewhere in Tai Kwun.

When: 3rd August - 27th November 2022

Behind Your Eyelid - Pipilotti Rist - tai kwun - hong kong - exhibition - art

Image: courtesy Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central

Tickets available online:


“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” — Leonardo da Vinci. Following the theme of a past group exhibition inspired by another one of da Vinci’s quotes “saper vedere” (“knowing how to see”) which demonstrated artists’ understanding of ‘seeing’, the group exhibition Sense6 is a further attempt to explore the subject of basic human senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, as well as the sixth sense. The exhibition features artworks by six contemporary artists Edu Carrillo, Gab More, Maxwell McMaster, Natan Heber, Paul Hunter Speagle and Qin Tan, all newly created for this exhibition.

When: 23rd September - 22nd October 2022

Sense6 - jps gallery - hong kong - art - exhibition

Image: courtesy JPS Gallery

JPS Gallery, Shops 218 - 219, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central Hong Kong

(+852) 2682 6216

Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Gagosian is pleased to present new paintings and works on paper by Mehdi Ghadyanloo. Opening on September 22, this will be his first solo exhibition in Asia. Ghadyanloo’s paintings are composed with meticulous attention to geometry, color, and chiaroscuro. At once familiar and mysterious, the slides, tunnels, and ladders he depicts are sited in shallow rectilinear chambers. The scenes are illuminated from above by skylights, with painted beams of light that reveal the details of the plastic and metal structures while indicating different times of day. The pieces of playground equipment exist as symbols, monuments to psychological states, as much as they are imagined physical constructions. Absent of children or other figures, they have an enigmatic, monumental presence that prompts nostalgia for the innocence of childhood play while hinting at existential themes.

When: 22nd September - 5th November 2022

Mehdi Ghadyanloo - gagosian - hong kong - art - exhibition

Image: courtesy Gagosian

Gagosian, 7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central

(+852) 2151 0555


No Longer Endangered, But Vulnerable

MASSIMODECARLO is delighted to present No longer endangered, but vulnerable, Rob Pruitt’s second presentation in Hong Kong and eighth personal exhibition with the gallery since 2012. Pruitt’s vocabulary is straightforward, minimalist, and above all, highly relatable. Drawing on everyday iconography with sardonic irony, he confronts the viewer with the paradox of modern-day existence: one where the line between hope and dystopia is harder and harder to grasp. Despite the glitter, the tone of the exhibition is far from lighthearted: indeed, the status of the panda, which was recently declared “no longer endangered, but vulnerable”, echoes like a cautionary tale reminding us that the panda – and everything that it represents – is far from safe from further threats.

When: 22nd September - 22nd October 2022

No Longer Endangered, But Vulnerable - MASSIMODECARLO - Rob Pruitt - art - hong kong - exhibition

Photograph: courtesy MASSIMODECARLO

Shop 03-205A & 205B & 206, Second Floor, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun,10 Hollywood Road, Central

(+852) 2613 8062

Love Is All You Need

Stanley Shum is one of Hong Kong’s newly-bred visual artists. He is adept in applying bright-coloured bands, hues, shadows, and construction to create an overall atmosphere. Through a virtual scene and the natural overlapping of sights of mountains and plains, Shum leads spectators into a resplendent yet vast new world. This exhibition presents Shum’s interests in and concerns about relocation, the order of power, and changes in regional culture. From his family background, Stanley Shum looks at the changes in social development. He presents a combined visual story of himself and his social groups. He uses his father’s experience of swimming from China to Hong Kong, his childhood memories, and his family’s emigration as his creative background and the breadth of this exhibition. He hopes that, in this confusing and scary social situation, people will reshape their genuine identities, reflect on their personal and social relationships, and explore a new picture of life in the new world.

When: 26th September - 29th October 2022

Love Is All You Need - SC gallery - Stanley Shum - hong kong - art exhibition

Photograph: courtesy SC Gallery

SC Gallery, Unit 2, 19/F, Sungib Industrial Centre, 53 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang

(+852) 3795 3826

Paloma Castillo: Embroidering The Everyday

Karin Weber Gallery is proud to announce the first solo presentation of Chilean textile artist Paloma Castillo. ‘Embroidering the Everyday’ represents a selection of Castillo’s signature stitched canvases, capturing the curious blend of personal and intimate, yet provocative and pop-cultural that represents the essence of her work. Originally trained as a designer, Castillo followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, both skilled seamstresses, to embrace textile and hand embroidery. Her medium of choice allowed her to fuse her designer’s eye and focus on imagery and the visual with the challenging craftsmanship and the meditative process of stitching.

When: 29th September - 22nd October 2022

Paloma Castillo - Embroidering The Everyday - Karin Weber Gallery - art - exhibition - hong kong

Image: courtesy Karin Weber Gallery

Karin Weber Gallery, G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Soho

(+852) 2544 5004


Exquisite Taste and Rich: The Artwork of Collaboration and Symbol

Hong Kong art gallery Art Supermarket is pleased to present Exquisite Taste and Rich: The Artwork of Collaboration and Symbol, the solo exhibition by our new artist Michael Andrew Law (Hong Kong). The exhibition lasts until 19 November 2022. Contemporary is the generation of comments and reviews on the past, thus contemporary art is the best tool and platform. Michael Andrew Law (Born. Law Cheuk-Yui) is one of the most original and passionate artists in Hong Kong, with his vibrant and recognisable paintings with the juxtaposition of their visual elements of popular culture. For Law, painting is a medium that works as a commentary on contemporary culture. Combining Pop Art, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, Law uses a humorous way to connect popular culture from low art to high art, commercial art to fine art, and past to present.

When: 6th October - 19th November 2022

Exquisite Taste and Rich - The Artwork of Collaboration and Symbol - art supermarket - michael andrew law - hong kong - art - exhibition

Image: courtesy Art Supermarket

Art Supermarket, 1/F, Asiarich Court, 5 Staunton Street, Soho (+852) 9422 6120

A New Sense Of Identity

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to present “A New Sense of Identity”, a group show where works by different artists dialogue like isolated identities united by the only demiurgic act of artistic creation. Identities are revealed in their creative act, as in the Cartesian assumption “Cogito ergo sum” – artists create and thus they exist through their art. The slow but unstoppable process of modernity transformation forwards independent of us, and involves a paradigmal shift in the way of conceiving art – in the role of the artist and in general – of the fragmented collective consciousness. Artists’ individuality and self-awareness slowly re-emerge, prevailing over the collective dimension. And, when they still hint at the concept of collectiveness, they do it using the filter of a language that is uniquely intimate, deriving from their personal experiences. The collective dimension is recounted in a new way, filtered by the artist’s experiential heritage as a unique individual.

When: 22nd September - 31st October 2022

A New Sense Of Identity - tang contemporary art - hong kong - art - exhibition

Image: courtesy Tang Contemporary Art

Tang Contemporary Art, 10/F, H Queen's, 80 Queens Road Central, Central

(+852) 2682 8289

Contemporary Curated: Landscape Curated By Taymour Grahne

WOAW Gallery is pleased to present Contemporary Curated: Landscape curated by gallerist and curator Taymour Grahne, highlighting ten contemporary artists based between the UK and USA. Sixteen landscape paintings were created to illustrate each artist’s personal interpretation of nature, ranging from mythology, historical references, social issues, to human consciousness.

When: 21st September - 24th October 2022

Contemporary Curated - Landscape Curated By Taymour Grahne - WOAW Gallery - hong kong - art - exhibition

Photograph: courtesy WOAW Gallery

WOAW Gallery, G/F, 9 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

(+852) 2765 2799



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The Hong Kong Arts Collective

The Hong Kong Arts collective (HKARTS) was established in 2019 by local artists for local artists. It was created as an online artists village to support and promote artists living and working in Hong Kong. We offer exhibition opportunities, fine art printing, art consultations and our online shop supports both our artists and the wider community as a whole.


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