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Art Exhibitions To See This September In Hong Kong

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We've handpicked some art exhibitions and events to check out this September. Read on to discover more.

Art Hiro: Ar Zhai

The Hong Kong Arts Collective in collaboration with Musubi Hiro is proud to present Art Hiro: Ar Zhai. Ar Zhai is a Hong Kong-based illustrator, comic artist and storyteller. An illustration graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), she discovered her passion for art from the little scribbles and doodles she would make in her childhood. Ar Zhai's works delve into the curiosities of our environment and the world around us, and is only one of the numerous facets she finds her inspiration from. A young and exciting talent in the Hong Kong art scene. Her exhibition is not to be missed!

When: 31st August - 30th September 2022

Musubi Hiro - Art Hiro Ar Zhai - artist - hong kong

Photograph: courtesy Kyra Campbell Photography

Musubi Hiro, G/F, 37 Cochrane Street, Central

(+852) 5597 6911

[uk1] [lau6] [pin1] [fung4] [lin4] [ye2] [yu5]

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce [uk1] [lau6] [pin1] [fung4] [lin4] [ye2] [yu5] by Go Hung, one of Hong Kong’s most versatile conceptual artists. The exhibition consists of a new body of work inspired by the day-to-day challenges faced by underprivileged members of society since the outbreak of the pandemic. Recycled everyday materials from the streets, such as used paper, packaging materials and hotel soap bars are repurposed into Go’s signature installations, each a tangible reminder of the income inequality that is prevalent in Hong Kong but equally poignant in a global context. A true champion of equality and social justice in Hong Kong, Go Hung's exhibitions are a must see!

When: 20th August - 17th September 2022

Go Hung - Karin Weber Gallery - Hong Kong - Art

Photograph: courtesy Karin Weber Gallery

Karin Weber Gallery, G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Central

(+852) 2544 5004


Have a Rice Day

Alisan Fine Arts is excited to announce the first solo exhibition for emerging Hong Kong artist Charlotte Mui at Alisan Aberdeen. For her inaugural exhibition, Mui will be showing a new series of paintings that were inspired by her mother and grandmother’s home-cooked dishes. The artist makes use of vibrant colours and personified food subjects on a circular paper canvas to depict her family delicacies such as steamed milk and coconut pudding , vegetable pot, and turnip cake. The title Have a Rice Day is taken from the local Chinese saying “Three dishes one soup and rice for free” (三餸一湯白飯任裝), resonating with the whimsical style of Mui’s work. This exhibition is part of Hong Kong Art Gallery Association’s Summer Programme which aims to promote young Hong Kong talent.

When: 10th September - 15th October 2022

have a rice day - alisan fine arts - charlotte mui - art - hong kong - artist

Photograph: courtesy Alisan Fine Arts

Alisan Fine Arts, 2305 Hing Wai Centre, 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen

(+852) 2526 1099

Soy Dreams Of Milk

Blindspot gallery is pleased to present Soy Dreams of Milk, a group exhibition of 6 East Asian artists that explores the complex experiences of migration, movement, and diasporic worlding. The exhibition title entangles a compact imagery comprising of universal substances, relating “soy”, a legume endemic to East Asia and a major export food crop in the Americas; “milk”, a white mammalian fluid evocative of the biblical promise land “flowing with milk and honey”; and “dream”, a cherished aspiration or a series of scenes and sensations occurring unconsciously in the mind. In its surrealist assemblage, Soy Dreams of Milk attempts to stage the complex sensorium conjured by the restlessly wandering subject. What is the experience of leaving, of being diaspora, and of returning? Why are you here, and what are your dreams?

When: 13th September - 29th October 2022

soy dreams of milk - blindspot gallery - hong kong - art - gallery - artist

Photograph: courtesy Blindspot Gallery

Blindspot Gallery, 15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang.

(+852) 2517 6238


The World Is Your Oyster

Ben Brown Fine Arts is pleased to present our forthcoming exhibition The world is your oyster at the Hong Kong gallery. As part of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association’s (HKAGA) Summer Programme, the exhibition is organised by Hong Kong-based curator Juliana Chan with the aim of highlighting local artistic talents and fostering the Hong Kong arts community. The exhibition features works by LAU Hong Lam, LO Lai Lai Natalie, Mindy LUI, Amy TONG and Gavin YIP. The artists, hailing from various disciplinary backgrounds, will be exhibiting together for the first time in this group exhibition.

When: 9th August - 21st September 2022

the world is your oyster - ben brown fine arts - hong kong - art - gallery - exhibition

Photograph: courtesy Ben Brown Fine Arts

Ben Brown Fine Arts, 202, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang

(+852) 2522 9600

Sub(X)ture Cultural Festival

Hong Kong is a city pulsing with creativity at every corner — from neon signs lighting up chaotic streets to graffiti advertisements calligraphed on the walls of dim alleys. Taking our city as inspiration, Carnaby Fair proudly presents SUB(X)TURE, a multimedia showcase featuring 6 creatives from various fields. Taking in the majestic, the mundane, and everything in between, their diverse artworks hold an irreverent yet touching mirror to the very heart of Hong Kong.

When: 10th August - 18th September 2022

subxture cultural festival - hong kong - art - gallery - exhibition - the stallery - ernest chang - carnaby fair - hong kong

Photograph: courtesy K11 Art Mall

G11 and G24, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Sea, I'm Awake

WOAW Gallery is pleased to present SEA, I’M AWAKE at its Queen’s Road location in Central. The solo exhibition features acrylic works from Bianca Nemelc, a figurative painter whose practice lives within the profound and nourishing correspondence between the human body and the natural world. Born and raised in the urban city landscape of New York City, much of Bianca Nemelc’s practice pulls inspiration from imagined narratives and her own Caribbean heritage as she reconnects with her ancestral roots and finds new revelations in how humans coexist with nature. In SEA, I’M AWAKE, the artist makes use of fanciful brushstrokes to explore the possibilities for brown bodies and the waters to synchronise in harmony and find comfort in one another. The result is a body of wondrous paintings portrayed in the serene colours of earth tones, breathing with ease in the fluid compositions of effortless balance.

When: 18th August - 14th September 2022

sea im awake - bianca nemelc - woaw gallery - hong kong - art exhibition - fine art

Photograph: courtesy WOAW Gallery

WOAW Gallery, G/F, 9 Queen's Road Central, Central

(+852) 2765 2799

The Paradox Of Beauty

Soluna Fine Art is pleased to present ‘The Paradox of Beauty’, the first solo exhibition of the contemporary Korean hyperrealist painter Jeong Myoung-Jo with the gallery. To commemorate the month of September, which signals the seasonal transition from summer to fall, Jeong’s exhibition showcases a total of 13 works from the artist’s signature oeuvre depicting the women in traditional Korean finery, the hanbok, across different seasons of life and class.

When: 16th September - 25th October 2022

paradox of beauty - soluna fine art - hong kong - art - exhibtition

Photograph: courtesy Soluna Fine Art

Soluna Fine Art, G/F, 52 Sai Street, Sheung Wan

(+852) 2955 5166

Reina: Embrace

JPS Gallery is pleased to present Embrace, a solo exhibition of Japanese artist Reina, on view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location. Following her previous exhibition Mythology at the gallery’s location in Tokyo earlier this year, Reina continues to explore the theme of mythologies and references a complex range of historic iconographies to comment upon the current relationship between humans and nature. In this presented series of paintings, Reina expands her artistic practice by introducing new characters to the viewers and experimenting with the possibilities of painting on stones.

When: 19th August - 17th September 2022

reina - embrace - jps gallery - fine art - hong kong exhibition

Photograph: courtesy JPS Gallery

JPS Gallery, Shops 218 - 219, Landmark Atrium,15 Queen's Road Central, Central (+852) 2682 6216

The Girl Who Fell From Space

Have you ever thought if aliens or other living creatures exist in outer space where humans have not fully explored? Pucky, the imaginative artist who is enthusiastic towards the unknown universe, is well-known for her “Pucky” toy character. Recently, Pucky has picked up her paintbrush again, and began dedicating herself to the art world she is so passionate about. She has created a series of art pieces from her new discoveries in the past few years, which reveals a more abstract and surreal technique.

When: 1st September - 25th September 2022

the girl who fell from space - pucky - hong kong - artist - harbour city - exhibition

Photograph: courtesy Gallery By The Harbour

Gallery By The Harbour, Harbour City, 3 - 27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

It's Fair

"IT'S FAIR" is a group exhibition gathering of 11 HK-based artists showing artworks made of rescued and fair materials. Come discover 54 colourful and meaningful artworks from very talented artists!

When: 8th September - 30th September 2022

its fair - hapi-fish - art - hong kong - exhibition - hong kong art

Photograph: courtesy "Its Fair"

Hapi Concept Store, 11 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan



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The Hong Kong Arts Collective

The Hong Kong Arts collective (HKARTS) was established in 2019 by local artists for local artists. It was created as an online artists village to support and promote artists living and working in Hong Kong. We offer exhibition opportunities, fine art printing, art consultations and our online shop supports both our artists and the wider community as a whole.


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