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Art Exhibitions To See This September In Hong Kong

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We've handpicked some art exhibitions and events to check out this September. Read on to discover more.

The Hong Kong Arts Collective: Summer Exhibition

We couldn't write an article about exhibitions to see this September and not include ourselves! We're very excited to welcome you to our shiny new temporary space located on Gloucester Road, Wan Chai. Our first group show, "Summer Exhibition", will be running until the 15th of September. “Summer Exhibition” is a celebration of the talent and diversity of the artists of HKARTS. Working with over 100 artists this small but vibrant selection truly captures the essences of HKARTS. Coming from all walks of life, these 13 artists represent a variety of mediums and practices. From classic mediums such as oil and watercolour to newer practices like photography and digital, this exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the amazing talent coming out of our home city.

When: 25th August - 15th September 2023

Gagosian is pleased to announce Anselm Kiefer: hortus conclusus, an exhibition that surveys four decades of the artist’s landscape paintings.

Image: courtesy Kyra Campbell

G/F, Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

The Aftermath: Unraveled: a Collection of Work by Becky Gilmour

Becky Gilmour is excited to welcome you to her first solo exhibition at The Aftermath. Her show "Unraveled" invites you to immerse yourself in a world where myth and tradition gracefully intertwine. Using the power of folklore, her large scale woven koi fish delve into the enduring sprit of Hong Kong and draw inspiration from the beauty of Cheung Chau, the island that the artist calls home. These stunning artworks bridge the gap between 2D and 3D. The beautiful craftsmanship of her pieces will bring you a sense of calm as you follow each stitch, knot and intricate detail.

When: Opening event: 13th September

Image: courtesy Becky Gilmour

The Aftermath, L/G, 57-59, Wyndham Street, Hong Kong


Hong Kong, August 15, 2023 — WOAW Gallery is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its new location situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong on August 22, 2023. Building upon its unwavering dedication to showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art and enriching the local art scene, this expansion follows the resounding success of our original space on Sun Street in Wan Chai and now includes an additional street-level gallery in close proximity, expertly overseen by the acclaimed Beau Architects. To mark the inauguration of this new location, WOAW Gallery will be presenting a special twofold exhibition by Korean artist Taedong Lee and local artist Kitty Ng, with one in the new space, 3 Sun Street Wan Chai, and the other in its first space in the same street. The vivacious dialogue between the two exhibition represents the gallery as a bridge, connecting disparate artistic communities worldwide.

When: 22nd August - 22nd October 2023

Boogie Woogie Photography & PhotogStory are pleased to present “Reminiscence,” a solo exhibition by Elsa Jean de Dieu

Image: courtesy WOAW Gallery

3 & 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Parallel Space: Meet The Eye

It is an honour for us to have the privilege to invite you to "Meet The Eye: A Bamboo Artwork Exhibition by Au Yeung Ping-chi". The exhibition is organized in Parallel Space, G/F, 202 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po. The show will be held from September 2–17, 2023, and will be open from 12:00 to 19:00.

Bamboo artist Au Yeung Ping-Chi will present his first solo exhibition. Through a series of bamboo artworks centred around the theme of "The Eye." The pieces reflect Au Yeung’s journey of observing with his naked eyes and perceiving the world with his mind's eye. "Meet The Eye" showcases twelve remarkable works by Au Yeung, displayed across both floors of Parallel Space. The exhibition ingeniously utilises the interplay between the eye and light to evoke a profound visual experience, inviting viewers to witness the captivating world of bamboo through an entirely new lens.

When: 2nd September - 17th September 2023

Image: Ping-Chi Au Yeung

G/F, 202 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po


Lisa Huang art prints

SC Gallery: Women's FREESTYLE

Before the end of the summer holiday, SC Gallery is proud to present a joint exhibition titled “Women’s FREESTYLE” featuring four young female artists! This exhibition adopts the theme of freestyle, allowing the four artists complete freedom of creativity and unrestricted expression. It’s all about freestyle!

Beginning by introducing the first artist, “Nobody Here.” For this exhibition, the artist has created a series of works that transcend gender and social roles, using the name “hän” as the title of her series. In the Finnish language, “he” and “she” are covered by a single neutral pronoun “hän”. The artist believes that people should not be classified, as there are languages around the world that have gender-neutral pronouns. In many of these languages, pronouns also carry additional meanings, such as a person’s class or status. In Finnish, these meanings are omitted, and a single word – “hän” – can refer to a king or a beggar, to someone with a doctorate degree or a child just starting school. Nobody Here believes that categorization is based on cognition, and categorizing things is one way for people to understand reality. If we can change our perception of things, we may be able to change the reality. Through her works, she challenges the public’s perception of things, from the transition from masculinity to feminism to the hierarchical systems in society.

When: 23rd August - 23rd September 2023

In this duo exhibtion, the two artists Cheng Ting Ting and Lau Yin Yeung have revealed their current status : state of waiting for something to happen in a unkown future.

Image: courtesy SC Gallery

Unit 2, 19/F, Sungib Industrial Centre, 53 Wong Chik Hang Road, HK

Artspace K: Fantasy in Fabric

Artspace K is proud to present “Fantasy in Fabric ─ Fiber Art Exhibition by Danny Amazonas”. Danny is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of contemporary fiber art. His creations express mosaic collage which he developed into his distinct “Freehand Patchwork” style of fabric art, using at least 4,000 pieces of fabric to create a work of one square meter. Danny’s works have been exhibited worldwide, including his exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, U.K. in 2022.

When: 1st June - 10th September 2023

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce ‘Botanical Wonders’, a group show examining the marvels of the natural world through the lens of a diverse group of artists

Image: Courtesy of Artspace K

G105-106, The Repulse Bay Arcade, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Hong Kong

JPS Gallery: Moon Lands On Man

JPS Gallery Hong Kong proudly presents Moon Lands On Man, our first show in celebration of the gallery’s 10th anniversary. The show will kick off with a fully immersive large-scale cardboard installation straight out of every child’s fantasy, but hidden within this fantastical dreamland is an unseen world riddled with moon landing conspiracy theories.

Whether the Apollo 11 mission was an elaborate hoax has been a long-standing debate, with many conspiracy theorists claiming that the U.S. government faked the moon landing for different motives.Although the arguments presented by the conspiracy theorists have been discredited and debunked by scientific facts, many people continue to believe that the moon landing was faked. For this exhibition, Moon Lands On Man,American artist Barminski will put a humorous and pessimistic twist on this highly controversial and polarising topic.

Renowned for his cardboard sculpture artworks, Barminski participated in Banksy’s dystopian theme park Dismaland in 2015 and Museum Belowground curated by JPS Gallery in 2021. He proudly expressed that he creates these works because they are fun and interesting, all whilst allowing visitors the opportunity to interact with artworks in a way that is different from the traditional gallery experience.As a talented multidisciplinary artist living in the era of Artificial Intelligence (Al), he used ChatGPT to write an artist statement about this show. In addition, his diverse skill set led him to create a different unique visual and auditory experience for each of the three areas in the exhibition space.

When: 28th July - 17th September 2023

The closure of Hong Kong's iconic Kai Tak Airport in 1998 was a significant moment in the city's history.

Image: courtesy JPS

Shops 218 - 219, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central Hong Kong

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Norio Imai in our Hong Kong space. The exhibition, 'Time Scape', focusses on the artist's vintage photographs of landscape and portraits, as well as video work from the 1970s and 1980s. The exhibition features 'Video Age', a new installation created specifically for the exhibition. This is Imai's first solo show outside of Japan that highlights his photographs and video works, which explore the changes in the Japanese economy and society that accompanied the rapid economic growth period. With a constant interest in the ever-changing time and space, Imai attempts to visually reveal the invisible subject of time through experimenting with photography and video, under the theme of accumulation and visualisation of time.

When: 2nd September - 4th November 2023

The second chapter of 'signals...瞬息' titled signals...folds and splits, curated by Billy Tang and Celia Ho

Image: courtesy of Axel Vervoordt Gallery

21F, Coda Designer Centre 62, Wong Chuk Hang Road

Karin Weber Gallery: Master Chui's Kitchen

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce ‘Master Chui’s Kitchen’, a solo exhibition by renowned Hong Kong Chinese ink artist Chui Pui Chee. Creating an art exhibition is like planning a menu. A lot of thought goes into each course to provide an unforgettable dining experience. In this exhibition, Chui has carefully considered his ‘recipe’ of gongbi paintings and calligraphy works, many of them related to food.

The highlight of this exhibition is an artist book titled Master Chui’s Kitchen, which distils Chui’s thirty plus years of experience in artistic pursuit and academic research into invaluable knowledge on materials and processes for a future generation of artists.

The crab is a familiar subject in Chinese ink painting, a famous example being Five Crabs by Qi Baishi (1864-1957), and a popular delicacy in Hong Kong food culture. Chui Pui Chee’s Gain Profit Whenever One Pleases pays homage to this essential local menu item, and to a popular Cantonese drama, ‘The Greed of Man’ (TVB, 1992). A crab moves sideways and is often ascribed unreasonable, even tyrannical behaviour, which makes it the perfect metaphor for characters in the TV show.

Chui never stops experimenting and pushing the boundaries of Chinese calligraphy. Another recent work, Slightly Drunk, is unique in the use of red wine as one of the paints in its creation. A wine lover himself, Chui not only enjoys his own ‘slightly drunk’ experiences, but shares his joy visually, with a wonderful ‘long finish’.

When not focusing on culinary highlights, Chui Pui Chee’s gongbi talent extends to exquisite insect, bird and calligraphy subjects. For the month of August, we invite you to visit ‘Master Chui’s Kitchen’ at Karin Weber Gallery.

When: 5th August - 16th September 2023

Angel Otero is known for his signature approach to visual storytelling, synthesising magical realism and abstraction, the observed and the imagined, and the past and the present.

Image: Courtesy Karin Weber Gallery

20 Aberdeen Street, Central

SHOUT Gallery: Seeds of Nature

SHOUT Contemporary is proud to present the solo exhibition of Chinese artist Fan Zhen's "Seeds of Nature" exhibited from 19 August to 9 October at Shop 2046, Elements, Kowloon Hong Kong and will exhibit more than 30 of the artist's latest series of paintings. In the depths of Mother Earth, where life begins, lies the seed of nature. These tiny wonders hidden beneath the soil have the power to shape the world. Every seed contains the hope of life, patiently waiting for the new moment of breaking ground. When the warm sun caresses the earth, the seeds wake up from their slumber. With determination and perseverance, they break through the shackles of darkness and welcome the light. Their delicate branches broke free and stretched out to the sky, as if eager to touch the sky above them. Seeds germinate and everything grows, the symphony of nature begins to play, and each plant has its unique beauty. But nature's seeds don't just bring beauty, they also bring nourishment. The unwavering devotion of the seed gave birth to a bountiful arvest and provided the nutrients for the survival of all things in the world.

When: 19th August - 9th October 2023

David Zwirner is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by American artist Katherine Bernhardt (b. 1975) that will take place at the gallery's location in Hong Kong.

Photograph: courtesy SHOUT Gallery

1 Austin Road West, Kowloon

10 Chancery Lane Gallery: HKFOREWORD23

HONG KONG AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2023 -10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present the twelfth edition of HKFOREWORD 2023, which introduces new art from Hong Kong through its latest art graduates. This year we have selected 10 artists from 3 Hong Kong universities. The exhibition includes painting, video, installation, and a stop motion animation video. The HKFOREWORD exhibition brings a fresh outlook on Hong Kong’s art development and offers insight into the preoccupations and inspirations driving their work.

A glimpse into the souls of our youth is a gift for all to cherish. HKFOREWORD23 offers a moment in time to understand through art the thoughts and concerns of Hong Kong artists today. Art is a lasting material for society to embrace as a collective journey. May we take a moment to reflect on their musings and embrace the creative process of our time.

When: 24th August - 23rd September 2023

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the French May Arts Festival, Alisan Fine Arts is honoured to announce its 9th solo exhibition for Gao Xingjian, the first Chinese writer awarded a Nobel Laureate.

Image: courtesy Alisan Fine Arts

G/F 10 Chancery Lane, Central

Vain Projects: Baak Mei Saang

“A hundred charms bloom with a single glance, a smile that outshines the beauty of all maidens in six palaces, rendering them colourless.” — Bai Juyi, excerpt from the “Song of Immortal Regret”

VAIN Projects is delighted to present Baak3 Mei6 Saang1, a solo exhibition featuring the works of the Melbourne-based Hong Kong artist, Scotty So.

Baak3 Mei6 Saang1 is taken from the classical Tang dynasty poetry, Song of Immortal Regret. Translating to “a hundred charms bloom”, the three characters captures the timeless and ravishing allure of a great female who also has a strong mind.

The delicate cheongsam envelops each contour and curvature of a beauty. With a gentle touch, his strong visage is adorned with an airy colourful veil. Exuding the duality and charm reminiscent of Bai Juyi’s verses, So is bringing forth an enigmatic body of work. Working across an expansive array of mediums, including painting, photography, sculptures, site-responsive installations, videos, and drag performances. So unravels before us that the notion of beauty should defy the confinement within simple binaries.

Baak3 Mei6 Saang1 invites us to explore the fluidity of beauty in Scotty So’s camp and whimsical artistic expression. Witness the blooming of a hundred charms at VAIN Projects, and render the confines of the palace colourless…

When: 21st September 2023 - 15th October 2023

Whitestone Gallery is honoured to present De/construct, a group exhibition showcasing works by three Asian artists

Image: courtesy Vain

3 Staunton Street, Central



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