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Ombeline Olmer


Her pharmacy studies just completed, Ombeline Olmer turned to other horizons by following her husband abroad. Milan, Amsterdam, Milan and now Hong Kong : the desire to explore the world and to travel is growing constantly. During her first stay in Milan, she started to get a taste for the black and white photo, and the shots started to become interesting. Colour no longer exists, black and white become timeless and that’s what she likes. With white and black, the gaze is guided by perspectives, contrasts, lights and by geometric shapes. It is on that point that she focuses when returning in Milan. Ombeline then starts to take more and more interest in the use of geometry in the architecture of the buildings and monuments that surround her, but also in nature. Landing in Hong Kong 3 years ago was a shock. She discovered the architectural disparity that characterises this amazing city. The modernity of sky scrapers contrasts with the obsolescence of apartment buildings. Street scenes also appeal to her, and the importance of the colour at the same time. She then starts playing and mixing black and white photo with a touch of colour. 

She is self-taught and her photographic approach is quite intuitive. She loves geometry in urban composition, lines, curves, and she loves architects who are always more creative in their constructions and in their fittings. The idea of having a different eye and a different vision than what the gaze first visualises interests her so much. 


March 2019 : Milan - "Visione di spazi »   Arte Galleria-Artepassante
June 2020 - September 2021 : Hong Kong - " Vision of Hong Kong » Le Tambour
Avril 2021 Hong Kong "Colors : Rebirth" for Children of the Mekong The Pulse (3 photos exhibited for charity)
May 2022 Hong Kong « Unexpected Beauty"  for Children of the Mekong La Galerie Paris 1839 (1 photo exhibited for charity)


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