Wu Jianzhong is a Hong Kong artist. Largely self-taught, his foundation years in graphic design training connected him with watercolor. An avid nature lover, Jianzhong believes in immersing in nature so to recreate nature in his art, hence the choice of plein-air painting. His works emit a sense of vastness and pureness, much like what nature is to us, they also have strong graphical composition in colors and shapes. Simultaneously, he has a deep interest and a deft hand in portraying people in their local context, deciphering the hidden thoughts behind their façade, painting their stories.

As a seasoned frame-drummer, Jianzhong’s music intertwines with his art – their low-key beats calm his mind and are as rhythmic as the very hand that applies every stroke of art.

Jianzhong’s work is accepted by the National Watercolor Society. He has held several group exhibitions locally, with works collected by local and overseas buyers.


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