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Jenny To Yan King


Jenny is 178cm tall. She takes her height as an advantage when creating large paintings. She is fascinated by post-apocalyptic and horror comics, films and TV series, as she loves the feeling of watching viral nervous scenarios in a safe place. Compacting from these experiences, loneliness, fear, and creepiness always impact her art creation. Having studied interior and environmental design for two years, her paintings are sometimes influenced by structural form.

Her recent work is about her complex feelings towards the sky. Having Casadastraphobia, she cannot gaze at the clear sky, but she loves to relish it. She explores her inner self through oil paintings with low-hue colours painted forcefully with thin oil. She would love to wander around with abstract and realistic paintings.


Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts Graduation Show 2024, Location: Kai Tak Campus of HKBU (Group exhibition)

Local Master, Young Disasters, Location: Current Plans (Group Exbition)


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