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Art Exhibitions To See This February In Hong Kong

We've handpicked some art exhibitions and events to check out this February. Read on to discover more.

HKARTS: Playing it Straight

Shameless plug of our amazing exhibition that we are beyond excited to share with you. HKARTS is incredibly excited to finally be able to give you “Playing it Straight”, an exhibition they’ve been trying to put on since 2020 (thank you covid). This exciting experimental photography project by Shawn P Griffin and Leslie Montgomery looks at society’s attitude to sexual minorities in Hong Kong. By switching the roles of sexual majorities and minorities, the exhibition invites viewers to be part of the project and reflect upon their own attitude and perception towards relationships in modern society.

In this thematic project an assortment of indivuals with different sexualities including; self-idetified heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual were asked to take part in an experiential performance that would be photographed. By documenting this interaction the aim is to direct attention to the general public about sexual minorities in today’s society.

When: 3rd February - 24 February, 2024

HKARTS, Hong Kong Arts Collective - Playing it Straight

Image: courtesy HKARTS

181-185 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

The Stallery: Geom3trical Acrobatics

French street artist Tim Marsh returns to the vibrant art scene of Hong Kong for his third show with L’Epicerie Fine Art in collaboration with The Stallery, marking a significant artistic milestone in the heart of the city. The exhibition, titled "Geom3trical Acrobatics" promises to be a dynamic showcase of Marsh's distinctive talent and creative evolution.

When: 4th February - 25th February 2024

The Stallery - Tim Marsh

Image: courtesy The Stallery

82A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai


riya chandiramani art prints

Square Street: The Giant's Foot Scrubber

Square Street brings together works by Gianluca Crudele, Alice Dos Reis, Chan Ka Kiu, Sissi Kaplan and Andrew Luk for their exhibition "The Giant's Foot Scrubber". This exhibition is an invitation to think through these questions in relation to the suspension of disbelief, the occult and landscape. Within the wall of the gallery are works that ask you to speculate stories that could arise from the crevices of our surroundings: what works of can be built from the observation of the seemingly small and mundane?

When: 3rd February - 9th March 2024

Square Street Gallery - The Gaint's Foot Scrubber

Image: courtesy Square Street

21 Square Street, Central

The Aftermath: Gaby Teresa: Food Party

Digital artist Gaby Teresa is excited to invite you to her first solo exhibition at The Aftermath in Central. This joyful exhibition is sure to give you that mid week pick-me-up you need. Make sure you don't go hungry as you may just want to eat these tasty artworks!

When: 4th February - 29th February 2024

The Aftermath - Gaby Teresa

Image: GabyTeresa

LG 57-59 Wyndham Street, Central

WOAW Gallery: Fluid Maze

WOAW Gallery is proud to present “Fluid Maze”, a group exhibition showcasing the works of eight distinguished local artists – Hector Chan, IV Chan, Dony Cheng, SSAN Hui, Mandy Lau, Florence Lee, Wong Ka Ying, and Wu Jiaru – as they experiment with different mediums to question the meaning of “seeing”. Whether they live or grew up in Hong Kong, the artists are all connected by the city. The essence of Hong Kong is embedded in their works as they each weave their individual experiences, forming a maze of their consciousness in an interplay between each artwork and the bigger picture. The group exhibition “Fluid Maze” will be on view on February 6 – March 13, 2024, at the gallery’s Wan Chai location. 

When: 6th February - 13th March 2024

WOAW Gallery - Fluid Maze

Image: WOAW Gallery

G/F, 3 Sun Street, Wan Chai


Wu Jianzhong art

Contemporary by Angela Li: Flourishing City Spectacles

Contemporary by Angela Li proudly presents solo exhibition of Fatina Kong titled "Flourishing cityspectacles", featuring her latest series of paintings. The exhibition reception will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, 1 February,2024, with the artist present. The exhibition will run until 2 March, 2024. 

In this exhibition, Fatina Kong's artworks undergo a transition from cityscapes and landscapes to capturing the intricate veins found in nature. Viewers can easily recognise the interplay between reality and abstract elements within her paintings. Kong's innovative narrative approach arises from flower stems, leaf veins, and stone traces, which possess natural qualities reminiscent of the cyclic rotation processes in nature. While humans are not involved in these natural occurrences, we may observe the distinct marks they leave. 

Kong's brushstrokes delicately intertwine, like silk threads, and her paintings have overlapping layers that create a sense of depth and dimension. The artist meticulously layers her works, resulting in paintings that evoke the way reflections appear on the surfaces of water or a mirror. Additionally, the circular shapes of her artworks symbolise the cyclical nature of time.  

Kong believes that nature's evolution is beyond human influence. Time, despite being an abstract concept, embodies profound beliefs that surpass our conventional understanding of reality. The abundance of flowers and trees symbolises different stages in time. While it is impossible for us to physically travel back in time and witness the emergence of a seedling, Kong’s works possess the remarkable ability of capturing the lingering imprints left by the changing seasons.  

When: 1st February 2024 - 2nd March 2024

Contemporary by Angela Li - Flourishing City Spectacles

Image: Contemporary by Angela Li

G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

Blindspot Gallery: Comfort Zone by Pixy Liao

Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present “Comfort Zone” by Pixy Liao, marking her debut solo exhibition at Blindspot Gallery. The exhibition features selected works recently created by Liao, encompassing photography, video, and ready-made sculpture.

Liao is known for carefully staged portraits of her and partner-collaborator Moro. Her works upend traditional representations of heterosexual relationships by inverting gender roles, often placing Moro as the subservient male muse and herself as the domineering artist-orchestrator. Tongue-in-cheek and imbued with a sense of humor, Liao’s work straddles between the performative and the autobiographical, unfurling her and Moro’s growing relationship.

During the opening reception on January 20, there will be an artist talk at 5 – 6 pm. The talk will be conducted in English.

When: 23rd January - 9th March 2024

Karin Weber Gallery - A Slice of Time

Image: Blindspot Gallery

15/F Po Chai Industrial Building, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang



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