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Evgenia Knyazeva


Evgenia Knyazeva is a Russian Artist with a unique and extraordinary painting style. She loves to tell stories in paintings. Her richly detailed canvases offered far more than just professionally done technique, each painting begins with a single idea full of romance and fairylike feelings

She graduated with honors in Fine Arts from Orenburg Region Art College with the qualification of Artist & Art Educator. After her graduation, she continued her studies at V.M. Vasnetsov, Abramtsevo College for Fine Arts and Industry. She went on to work and improve on her skills in a private studio.

“I paint about my own, about my personal. And happy if my audience can recognize themselves in my art”


2011 - Treasures of Modern Romanticism. Red Square Gallery

21/01/2013 - 31/03/13 - Lullaby of the Dragon. Red Square Gallery

10/09/2014 - 8/11/2014 - Journey to the East. Red Square Gallery

20 July- 10 August 2016 - Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery Exhibition.

23-26 September 2016 - International Art Fair in Guangzhou-ART CANTON 2016

23 February - 23 March 2017 - group exhibition in Cabinet Art Gallery in Hong Kong

21/10/17 - 23/01/18 Hong Kong viewed by Russian artists. Red Square Gallery

28/9-1/10 2018 Asia Contemporary Art Fair

11/10/2018-11/12/2018 group exhibition “Sentimental tales” Red Square Gallery

28/06/ 2022 -12/07/2022 “Art as a lifetime journey” group exhibition, Hong Kong Culture Center.

23/09/22 - 25/09/22 - Belt and Road Expo, HK

11/11/2022 - in progress - Solo exhibition - Russian Consulate General in Hong Kong.


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