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Michelle Tang


Michelle is a visual designer and print enthusiast based in Hong Kong, and a verified member of People of Print. Her artistic journey is characterised by an unwavering pursuit of creativity and a deep fascination with the intricate details of the world around her.

As a visual designer, Michelle thrives on creating captivating visuals that capture the viewer's attention. She revels in the execution stage, where she can experiment with a diverse range of materials, finishes, and printing methods. In a digital era, Michelle finds joy in the classic approach of tangible designs that speak to people's souls, fostering a deep connection between her art and its audience.

With a passion for captivating visuals, Michelle creates stunning artwork that draws viewers' attention and resonates with them on a profound level. She revels in the execution stage, where she experiments with materials, finishes, and printing methods, bringing her designs to life in tangible and soulful ways.

Michelle's works have been exhibited and published both locally and abroad. Her exceptional talent and creativity have garnered recognition in the design community. Her works have received accolades from prestigious organizations such as HOW, WBDA, and Indigo, particularly in the areas of branding and print design. These achievements showcase her expertise and innovative approach to visual communication.

She finds inspiration in the world around her, doodling on various surfaces, capturing the beauty of boutiques, street-side flowers, and other everyday encounters that ignite her imagination. Alongside her love for line drawing and patterns, Michelle is particularly passionate about flower illustration and printing production. She constantly seeks to push the boundaries of print execution, experimenting with different types of creative papers to find the optimal solution that brings her designs to life in their purest form. Through this process, she maximises the beauty of her line art, creating breathtaking pieces that evoke a sense of wonder.


the flowery. @PMQ (2023)
COMM Arts Show@K11 (2018)


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