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Harvey Chan


Born in Hong Kong and educated in Canada, Harvey has been leading a successful career as an illustrator for many years in Toronto. Harvey has received numerous awards through his career nationally and internationally. He is known for his diversified portfolio of work with a good balance between traditional and contemporary. He has created 2 series of Chinese Zodiac design and worked on individual projects for the Royal Canadian Mint and most recently, the Year of the Rat stamp design for Canada Post. Besides illustrating and teaching, Harvey also keeps himself busy with personal work and creating gallery work. The recent series of charcoal and oil imaginary portraits has been getting some attention in Hong Kong as well as internationally. Harvey taught drawing, painting and illustration at Ontario College of Art and Design University, and Sheridan College. Harvey has also taught figure sculpture and drawing at The Toronto School of Art. Harvey has moved back to Hong Kong in Dec 2011 and has been developing an career mainly as artist and educator.


2012 “Lost and Found in Transition”, solo exhibition at á ce soir Bar &Café, Hong Kong
2011 “Unspoken Poetry of the Senses”, IndexG Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2011 “Face It~ More Than a Portrait Show” Bunky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 “What If…”, Bending Spoon Gallery, Toronoto, Canada
2009 “Close Stranger”, Keep Six Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2008 “Unspoken Poetry of Senses”, ArtxLife Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1998 “Geometric Abstract”, Le Commencal, Toronto, Canada
1998 Original art from Children book “ Ghost Train “ and
Mini Restro at Mclaren Centre,Barrie,Ontario,Canada
1990 Yorkville Public Library Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Group Shows

2015 “Head Shots” Two-man show with Jose Ortega, IndexG Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015 “Belonging“ group show, Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015 “Mad Styles”, with members of Mad Stylus, Artland Gallery
2014 “Known Unknown”, Two-man show with Tomori Nagamoto, Toronto, Canada
2014 “Contemplation”, Galley M, Toronto, Canada
2013 “Macau/Hong Kong Illustrators”, Macau Art Museum, Macau
2012 “Old Neighbourhood Art Show”, TC2 Café, Hong Kong
2012 “Unworldly Reunion ”, collaborated with 30 artists, Toronto, Canada
2011 Sixty Jeans Flagship Store Grand Opening Art exhibition, Hong Kong
2010 “Button Show”, IndexG Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 “Birds and Bees”, Smash Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, Smash Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009 “Haiku”, with Tomori Nagamoto, Smash Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009 Fountain Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008 “Chi Collective” Sculpture Show, TOAE, Toronto, Canada
2008 “Samurai Show~Ode to Edo “, Smash Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007 “The Bax Bear Show”, Keep Six Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2007 “Evolution” with Yumi Onose, IndexG Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007 “YoYo Show”, Sweet Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007 “Chan vs Todd~Collaboration Sk8” , Sweet Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2006 “Skateboard Show” , Montreal, Canada
2006 “1i5 Group Show”, Yves Laroche Galerie, Montreal, Canada
2006 “Spring Salon”, Toronto, Canada
2005 “1i5 Group Show”, Spin Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2004 “Erotic Show”, Lula Lounge Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2002 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
2000 Open City, Toronto, Canada
1990 Open City, Toronto, Canada
2001 Art in the Annex Walking Tour, Toronto, Canada
2000 Original Art 2000, Society of Illustrators, New York, U.S.A.
1996 Neighbour Group Show, Gallery Gong, Toronto, Canada
1999 CAPIC Annual National Shows, Toronto, Canada
1994 Asian Art Festival, Theodore Museum, Toronto, Canada
1993 Guild Inn Outdoor Show, Toronto, Canada
1992 Two-man Show, Gallery Gong, Toronto, Canada
1985 The Society of Publication Designers Annual Illustration Show, New York , U.S.A.


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