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Joshua Leung


Joshua Leung (b. 2004, Hong Kong) is an emerging young artist who specializes in paintings and illustrations. Other than the traditional practice of painting, Joshua also works with installation, digital art, and photography. Over the years, he has participated in various art exhibitions and curatorial projects. He wishes to master his art by commencing his Fine Art degree at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Joshua thinks that art is a powerful tool for communicating values and perspectives - a glue that holds communities together. His works not only are narrations of stories rooted in reality but also retain a sense of egotistical spirituality that is interconnected with the abstraction of the subject matter.

His most recent painting series, “SUNYATA”, reveals a strong sense of self-expression, together with the exploration of humanity and our surroundings through the thickness and repetitiveness of brushstrokes and colors, constructing ideologies from a new dimension influenced by neo-expressionism and city nightscapes. Reminiscing about the views of Hong Kong through his consciousness, his paintings contain bottled memories of the city. The idea that human beings should live in harmony with their surroundings is visible in his works.


2023 “Dream Touch”, Art6 Gallery Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Fringe Club
2023 “Reminiscences: Joshua Leung x Kwong Kwok Wai” Duo Show, Galerie Koo
2023 “From Innocence to Wisdom”, Group Exhibition, SHOUT Art Gala
2023 Affordable Art Fair Shanghai
2023 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
2023 “Chilling French”, Group Exhibition, Art6 Gallery
2023 “Hong Kong March”, Group Exhibition, Trowbridge Town Hall, United Kingdom
2022 “Art Festival: A Continued Tradition”, HIYA Group Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall
2022 “Unlock”, HIYA Group Exhibition, Jao Tsung-I Academy
2022 “Light of Love”, AI Gallery Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library
2021 “Unfounded X Museum of Swearing”, Curator, Urban House Gallery
2020 “FADED II”, Solo Art Exhibition, ACO Foo Tak Building
2020 “FADED I”, Solo Art Exhibition, V-Point Causeway Bay
2014 “HKTRC Art Show”, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2013 “HKTRC Art Show”, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2012 “HKTRC Art Show”, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


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