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Evangeline Chan, also known as Mooncasket, is an illustrator who draws inspiration from her everyday surroundings, her love for kooky monsters, and her obsession with retro cartoons. Growing up in the bustling city of Hong Kong, Mooncasket found comfort in cartoons as they offered an escape from reality. She started her career by creating zines and stickers using do-it-yourself platforms. Her work reflects her lowbrow perspective, with a playful attitude and character designs. She is now on a mission to continue realizing her creative vision and giving life to her characters.


2023 Social Nerd, K-11 Musea, HK
2022 Affordable Art Fair, HK
2022 Life’s Like A Garden...Dig It, K-11 Art Mall, HK
2021 Affordable Art Fair, HK
2021 Monsters & Makers, YoungSoy Gallery, HK
2019 HKWalls The Clubhouse, HK
2018 HKWalls Arthub, Hong Kong
2018 (y)ours, J-01 Gallery, HK
2016 Young Salon, J-01 Gallery, HK
2015 Neighborhood Spotlight, Classified, HK


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