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100 Woodblocks Later

100 Woodblocks Later

The Hong Kong Arts Collective is thrilled to announce their upcoming exhibition ‘100 Woodblocks Later’ by Michelle Fung. This playful exhibition of new original wood carvings demonstrates Michelle Fung’s exciting development to merge woodcut and drawings. This exhibition features works from her ongoing “The World of 2084” project, alongside works that celebrate the Year of the Dragon. The wood carvings are presented as original artworks rather than part of the printmaking process.

The unique medium demonstrates the artist’s continued experimentation to merge woodcut and drawing techniques. The former presents a unique aesthetics that can only be achieved with a blade, whereas the latter is versatile and can be intuitive, loose, laboured or layered. Five years and over 100 woodblocks later, she realised her favourite part of the entire printmaking process is carving. Tracing her roots in drawing and further exploring her obsession with woodcut, she has developed a unique style of “original wood carvings”, combining drawing and woodcut together. Please join us on the 1st of March for the opening party.



181 Gloucester Road


March 2, 2024


April 5, 2024

Opening Times:

Weds - Sun, 12 - 6pm


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