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Art Exhibitions To See This November In Hong Kong

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We've handpicked some art exhibitions and events to check out this November. Read on to discover more.

The Hong Kong Arts Collective: Square Prints

Get ready for some shameless self promotion. Well while we're working like Santa's elves to prepare our Christmas Exhibition, we've hung up our stunning Square Print Collection. Come and get a small taste of the full collection which can be found on our website. This collection comprises of around 30 local artists, all with their different style and point of view. These perfectly sized prints are limited editions and all numbered and signed by the artists. A percentage of every single print sold goes straight to Impact HK to help them with their acts of kindness amoungst the homeless community. You can order these prints online or come check with out in person.

When: 3rd November - 24th November 2023

Gagosian is pleased to announce Anselm Kiefer: hortus conclusus, an exhibition that surveys four decades of the artist’s landscape paintings.

Image: courtesy Hong Kong Arts Collective

G/F, Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

JPS Gallery: Mellow Doubt

JPS Gallery is pleased to present Mellow doubt, British contemporary artist Joe Cheetham’s first solo show in Asia, which will be exhibited at our Hong Kong gallery space. Cheetham is widely known across Europe for his exceptional ability to capture the collective jubilance of club culture through his unique depiction of cartoonish figures raving bodies in vibrant colours and eccentric gestural brushwork. However, his recent works reveal a noteworthy transition in Cheetham’s artistic practice as he adopts a more subdued approach in addressing the physical tension and isolation that is emblematic of contemporary life.

Cheetham’s exaggerated representation of homogenous figures constrained within isolated spaces implicitly captures the deep-seated emotions that reside within every individual. Despite the lack of interaction among the figures, they individually exhibit desperate, suspicious, and confused sentiments which are further intensified by Cheetham’s reddened palette.The figures’ loose and exaggerated limbs evoke a profound sense of fatigue, which stands in stark contrast to his earlier works.

Cheetham’s deliberate play with the ambiguity of gender, time, and physical location emphasises a detachment from reality, inviting viewers into a realm of imagination characterised by confinement and unease. Mellow doubt represents a pivotal moment in Cheetham’s artistic development in addition to being a unique projection of one’s inner world, overflowing with intricate and authentic emotional complexities that we all experience in an era inundated with information.

When: 4th November - 2nd December 2023

Image: courtesy JPS Gallery

Shops 218 - 219, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central


riya chandiramani art prints

10 Chancery Lane: Fuchsia

10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present the inaugural exhibition in Hong Kong of artist “fuchsia.” Entitled, “Otherworlds” artist fuchsia will exhibit a series of paintings on canvas and on paper and will paint murals on the walls of the gallery. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, where she grew up from the ages of 2 to 12.

fuchsia is a mixed-media artist currently in residency at Sarabande (the Alexander McQueen Foundation) in London. Working primarily with watercolour and oils, she explores concepts of good and evil through carefully selected colour palettes and spiritual iconography. fuchsia paints angels and underwater creatures in dream-like landscapes and fervently believes in the power of these celestial beings. In her eyes, angels represent the deepest state of our core as humans - love, vulnerability and innocence - all things we regrettably gradually let go of when entering adulthood. her paintings are overflowing with symbols of beauty and chaos, and aim to highlight certain conflicting moral forces we face in today’s complex world, namely issues on climate change which seem to preoccupy the minds of her angels.

When: 16th November 2023 - 12th January 2024

Boogie Woogie Photography & PhotogStory are pleased to present “Reminiscence,” a solo exhibition by Elsa Jean de Dieu

Image: courtesy 10 Chancery Lane

10 Chancery Lane, Central

Elena Klimova: Painted Life

Elena Klimova will be showcasing her stunning collection of still lives at Cawah Arts Gallery from now until the end of November. This collection brings still life into the modern era with rich colours and beautiful brush strokes. Her work will make you want to be still for a while and take it all in Make sure to check it out.

When: 4th November - 30th November 2023

Image: Elena Klimova

23 Square Street, Sheung Wan

Gagosian: Stirrrings of a Polymorphous Bloom

Gagosian is pleased to announce Stirrings of a Polymorphous Bloom, American artist Alexandria Smith’s debut solo exhibition in Asia. Opening on November 16 in Hong Kong, the exhibition features new assemblage paintings and collage drawings that explore the protean nature of selfhood and identity.

The works in Stirrings of a Polymorphous Bloom envision cosmic environments inhabited by figures in flux. Smith’s practice is grounded in her exploratory drawings, represented in Hong Kong by works on paper housed in custom frames. From these, she develops boldly colored assemblage paintings that incorporate shapes made from painted wood and 3D-printed elements that rise from their surfaces and extend beyond their frames.

Smith’s new works focus on symbols of genesis, light, and growth, inspired by her interests in autobiography, fiction, and collective memory. Variously colored and ambiguously gendered, these hybrid figures emphasize features such as eyes, limbs, nipples, kneecaps, and nails. They stretch, divide, and multiply, embodying Smith’s multifaceted allegories of physical, spiritual, and emotional growth.

When: 16th November 2023 - 13th January 2024

In this duo exhibtion, the two artists Cheng Ting Ting and Lau Yin Yeung have revealed their current status : state of waiting for something to happen in a unkown future.

Image: Gagosian

7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central


Wu Jianzhong art

3812 Gallery: We Dream for the Light

3812 Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present “We Dream for that Light, the Hong Kong young artist Thomas Ngan’s (b. 1995) first solo exhibition in 3812 Gallery. The exhibition showcases a beautiful selection of Ngan’s latest works under the core themes of Floral, Fragility of Life, and Light. Specialised in incorporating realism into a dreamy world, Ngan creates distinct realms that invite audiences to follow the light and explore infinite possibilities. “We Dream for that Lightopens on 15 November 2023 and runs through 5 January 2024, an opening reception will be held on 14 November 2023 from 6 to 8 pm.

We Dream for that Light is derived from the concepts of uncertainty and hope. The artist attempts to capture the truth that lies between the fog and the motif with his vibrant brushstroke and harmonious composition. Audiences can step into a mystic world of possibility, savouring the moment when the light guides us to a fascinating garden surrounded by grace.

For Ngan, life is an endless series of decisions until it ends, consisting of infinite paths of the unknown clouded in fog. It is probably because of his ever-changing cross-nation life experience, everything is in turbulence yet with infinite possibilities – the unknown is the necessity for hope. It becomes a key theme in Ngan’s works where he follows the “light” to construct a world of mystery.

When: 15th November 2023 - 05th January 2024

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce ‘Botanical Wonders’, a group show examining the marvels of the natural world through the lens of a diverse group of artists

Image: Courtesy of 3812 Gallery

26/F, Wyndham Place, 40 Wyndham Street, Central

WOAW Gallery: Pink Diamond Too

WOAW Gallery is pleased to debut Jonathan Casella’s Pink Diamond Too. This is Casella’s first solo exhibition in Asia and marks the gallery’s first exhibition with the artist. The exhibition showcases Casella’s personal experiences and reflections, depicted through his ongoing Doublestar series, and paintings that incorporate carefully selected found images and photography of flowers from California. Featuring 11 artworks that he created this year, Pink Diamond Too will be on view from October 27 – November 23, 2023, at WOAW Gallery Central.

Pink Diamond Too showcases Casella’s work as a whole when two serialized bodies become one as paintings from the artist’s ongoing Doublestar series are framed within the narrative of his syntactic and vernacularly driven abstract works. As the title suggests, the color pink overtly connects the works in Pink Diamond Too, but Casella’s ability to subvert our logic, utilizes the color pink to entrance us and divert us into his playground. The pink diamond is at once a concrete object of desire and an abstract concept, though the line between its existences blurs. It is iconoclastically a rare gem studded throughout the zeitgeist and fed into the culture as a beacon of achievement while simultaneously losing its splendor once attained, failing in its intended promise. It is also the kind of diamond whose pink origin cannot be agreed upon by gemologists who are presented with a myriad of right answers, so much that they cannot rely on any one of them to be certainly true.

When: 27th October - 23rd November 2023

The closure of Hong Kong's iconic Kai Tak Airport in 1998 was a significant moment in the city's history.

Image: WOAW Gallery

9 Queen’s Road, Central



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